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  • Kenya finally issues new series
    The  Central Bank of Kenya  has taken a loooong time to introduce its new banknote series but it seems that finally we have some images of the new notes. On 31 May 2019 th
  • Kenya to get new banknote family in Q2 of 2018?
    Do you remember the news from Kenya where the Constitution adopted in 2010 prohibits the use of a person’s portrait on banknotes? The  Central Bank of Kenya has ever since
  • Kenya delays new series until September 2017
    The  Central Bank of Kenya  has announced that the new generation of banknotes will be issued from September 2017.  " Kenya must replace all currency with completely new b
  • Kenya ready to present new banknotes
    According to the Standard Digital News Kenya is ready to present the new banknotes this week which will be issued in February 2015. Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Kimemi
  • Kenya
    5 shilling - P19b

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