Guatemala chooses new printer for 5 quetzal notes

Late 2014 Casa de Moneda de Chile will start as the new printer for the Guatemalan 5 quetzal note. This is the result of an international tender for the printing of 30 million notes which also involved 8 European and American printing companies. Currently the 5 quetzal notes are printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company. The first notes printed in Santiago will begin circulating in Guatemala in the first quarter of 2015.

The current 5 quetzal note:

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Canada renames the mountains on its 10 dollar note

It has been quiet for some time in the world of Canadian banknotes. After a series of problems, complaints and mistakes (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) things seemed to calm down finally. Until today that is! CTV News reports that the Bank of Canada made another mistake, this time with the new 10 dollar note.

Professor and mountaineer Hitesh Doshi contacted the Bank of Canada by email last November, shortly after the new notes were released. He asked the Bank of Canada if they were quite sure the mountains on the back of the note were indeed Mount Edith Cavell and Mount Marmot as the Bank claimed on their website. He knew these mountains from his personal experience and they looked very different.

Finally after a few months of investigating the Bank of Canada admitted its mistake: the description on its website of the upper left image of the mountains has been changed, saying they're actually Lectern Peak and Aquila Mountain. Mount Zengel is also properly identified, along with some other changes.

"I can confirm that we changed the description of the $10," bank spokesman Alexandre Deslongchamps said Monday. "Image research was undertaken during the development of the polymer (plastic bank note) series. The documentation error was the result of a misunderstanding about information provided to the Bank of Canada by Canadian Bank Note Co. Ltd." Added Deslongchamps: "The bank has consulted several subject matter experts to ensure that we now have an accurate identification of the mountains in our documentation for the $10 note."(source)


© Bank of Canada

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Poland to issue new polymer commemorative banknote

Last year the National Bank of Poland (NBP, Narodowi Bank Polski) announced that a commemorative note would be issued in August 2014 commemorating the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Polish Legions by marshall and statesman Josef Pilsudski. These legions were officialy formed with an order by Pilsudski issued on 22 August 1914. The new notes will however be issued on 5 August 2014. Exactly 50.000 notes will be sold as numismatic products and will be featuring the portrait of Jozef Pilsudski designed by Andrzej Heidrich.

The banknotes, commissioned by NBP, were manufactured by the Polish Security Printing Works and are the first polymer notes issued in Poland. They have the same design as the 5.000.000 zlotych notes from 1995 which were never officially issued because of the revaluation of the zlotych.

>> A brochure with more information.

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Exhibition 'The New Face of the Euro'

From 23 July until 1 September the city of Den Haag (The Hague) hosts the exhibition 'The New Face of the Euro'. Goal of the exhibition is to educate the public on the eurocoins, euro banknotes, its history, the future of the euro and of course show the second series of banknotes. On 23 September the new 10 euro note will be put into circulation.

Because it was the first chance for me to actually see the new note upclose, I visited the exhibition in the Atrium (main hall) of the City Hall on the 23rd. Below you can find some pictures I took. Unfortunately I only had my phone as a camera but I hope it will give a good impression. If you plan to visit as well, check out the Facebook page of the Atrium with all the information.

And now for the pictures:

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Syria to issue a new 500 pound banknote? (2)

Last week I wrote about the new 500 pound note from Syria which was supposed to be issued in a few days. Well, no official issue statement from the Central Bank of Syria, but a picture of the new note did surface on news site Sana Syria. If the news turns out to be true, than we might also see a new 1000 pound note in August or September.

The picture on the Sana site had a weird aspect ratio so I tried to photoshop it to more normal proportions. You can view the new note best in the video from the site. The image below is probably still a bit off from the real thing.

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Catalog Dutch Papermoney 1573-2002 coming soon

© Patrick PlompI live in the Netherlands and I'm dutch but until recently I've never had any 'extra' interest in dutch banknotes. For me as a collector they were just as valuable or in demand as banknotes from any other country. But lately I've taken more of an interest in the heritage of my own country and have been acquiring more dutch notes. 

One of the problems you quickly face when collecting dutch banknotes is that they are generally speaking more expensive than other banknotes. Not a lot of dutch banknotes can be found in the 1-euro-per-note-baskets at dealers. A second problem is that the existing catalogs are far from complete. Most catalogs like The Standard Catalog of World Paper Money have only (most of) the standard notes and hardly any varieties. 

One member of the dutch chapter of the IBNS, Patrick Plomp, has taken the initiative to compile a new catalog of dutch banknotes which promises to be the new bible for this field of collecting. Every banknote and every variety which has ever circulated in the area we now call the Netherlands (from 1572-2002) will be described, priced and shown. It's not surprising that the end result of all this research provides us with a catalog of about 450 pages. An example can be found here.

The catalog is supposed to be issued in the last quarter of this year and the retail price will be € 34,95. You can also choose to pre-order one today and receive a discount of 15%. More info can be found here.

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New additions week 29 - 2014

A great new banknote this week with the RBS Ryder Cup commemorative issue from Scotland. I recently wrote an article on this new note which is printed on hybrid paper, a mix of traditional cotton paper and polyester plastic materials, which should make it more durable and resistant to staining. On the front of the note, the design includes a see-through window in the shape of The Ryder Cup. The banknote will be the first to contain the signature of new RBS chief executive Ross McEwan. The banknote is printed by Giesecke and Devrient.

One thing I was a little disappointed about: they've encased the note in a plastic holder. There is much debate on this practice which is also done by grading companies. Personally: I don't like it because I want to feel a banknote and I also think that encasing a note hides folds which you would be able to see otherwise.

That said, I still really this edition to my collection!

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United States - Educational Series

A nice article on the so-called Educational Series from the 1890's. Some of the most beautiful banknotes the United States has ever had.

© wikipedia

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Dirty Money! (NSFW-ish... to some people)

Yes, we all had a jolly good laugh with the announcement from the Russian MP Roman Khudyakov that the Russian 100 ruble note should be altered because Apollo's penis is visible. The private parts mentioned are visible on the statue of Apollo standing in front of the Bolshoi Theater which is depicted on the banknote. According to Khudyakov, this violates the recently-introduced law on protection of minors from harmful information (a law perceived in the West to be mostly anti-gay).

After I had stopped laughing I started looking for other banknotes which might offend the Russian MP. Yes I know: a dirty mind is a joy forever. So if you're up for it (and if you're not easily offended), let's look at some of the filthy porn some people have been using to pay their innocent groceries with.

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Romanian banknotes

The website Romania Insider has a nice article describing and explaining all the people and imagery which can be found on the beautiful Romanian banknotes.

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Syria to issue a new 500 pound banknote? (1)

According to Syria Online the Governor of the Central Bank of Syria, Adib Mayala, has indicated that a new banknote of 500 Syrian pounds will be issued in the next couple of days.

"He said  that the new notes will be circulated along with those currently in use for a certain period of time before the latter are gradually withdrawn. The new issue of notes comes within a plan which the CBS started in 2010, where banknotes of 50, 100 and 200 Syrian pounds have been produced so far. What characterizes the new banknotes, Mayala said, is that they will have different colors, depiction and figures and will be made of better-quality materials 'in a way to reflect the cultural and historical image of Syria and protect the banknotes from getting worn out'.Other characteristics pertaining to security have been taken into consideration in the newly printed banknotes, the Governor added."

I'm not immediately convinced by this announcement, since Syria is a war-torn country where a central form of government is absent in large parts of the country. To issue a new banknote in those conditions? Let's wait and find out.

Update 21 July 2014: here.

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New additions week 28 - 2014

Last week I went on vacation but when I returned a new banknote was waiting for me in the mail. It's the 1 gulden note from 1938 (P61) from my home country of the Netherlands. I'm gradually expanding my Dutch collection so this will fit in nicely.

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