With paper money, tiny details lead to big adventures

"Often a design on a piece of paper money can lead you down a trail of adventure without ever leaving your desk." Thus begins a great article on Coinworld.com, which is probably very recognizable for collectors like us.

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ECB will unveil new 20 euro note on 24 February 2015

The ECB has announced that the new €20 banknote will be unveiled on 24 February 2015.

From the website: "The new €20 is the third banknote of the Europa series to be introduced after the €5 and €10. The ECB and the national central banks of the euro area – the Eurosystem – will unveil the banknote and announce its exact issuance date on 24 February 2015. The Europa series is being introduced to further improve the integrity of euro banknotes and to keep ahead of counterfeiters."

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Canadians propose their ideas for future banknotes

The Bank of Canada has published the results from the public consultation into its banknote design principles. The public was asked in October of this year to participate in the design process for future banknotes, including the recently announced commemorative issue which is to be issued in 2017.

The results of the consultation can be found in this press release: "Of the nearly 2,000 Canadians who participated, about 80 per cent said they support the principles the Bank put forward. There was considerable interest in how bank notes reflect Canada and many respondents said greater emphasis should be put on representing gender equality, multiculturalism and aboriginal culture. Others said bank notes should show iconic Canadian activities and achievements, landscapes and famous Canadians."

Not really a surprising result is it? Canadian citizens still have the opportunity to propose ideas for the new commemorative note until 8 January 2015.

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Ethiopia seeks to print its own banknotes

The websites allAfrica.com and addisfortune.net report that the National Bank of Ethiopia has issued a tender to, first, investigate if the country is capable to print its own banknotes and second, (if the answer is yes) to set up a national banknote printing facility.

"The Bank announced a tender two weeks ago to hire an international consultancy firm to conduct a feasibility study for the printing plant on the state owned daily newspaper, The Ethiopian Herald.

The main aim of planting the factory is to save the foreign currency that the country is spending to print banknotes in foreign countries. The other reason is to centralise the printing of banknotes in one place, according to a senior official from the Bank.

(...) Currently, NBE predominantly prints banknote in European countries, mainly in England and France. It has made an order for new banknote, as the notes that are in circulation have become worn out from use. The old notes will be collected and disposed of by burning."

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Iran issues new 20,000 rial note

Banknotenews reports that Iran has issued a new banknote of 20,000 rial. The new blue colored note shows ayatullah Khomeini on the front and a building on the back.

From what I can gather from the press release (Google translate isn't fluent in Farsi it seems) the building is an example of a so-called wind tower (Persian: Bâdgir, which literally means windcatcher), an age-old form of air conditioning for houses. From what I'm able to find online the building appears to be the Aghazadeh House in the city of Abarkuh, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

© www.banknotenews.com
© www.banknotenews.com

Update: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is the Aghazadeh House (source):

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Kazakhstan introduces new 1,000 tenge banknote

The National Bank of Kazakhstan announced it has issued a new 1,000 tenge banknote to the public. The front of the yellow and brown note shows doves and the Kazakh Eli monument in Astana we have seen on other notes in this series. The back of the note shows a mountain landscape and the Ustyurt Plateau.

Could this be the next winner of the IBNS Banknote of the Year contest? Three previous notes (1, 2, 3) in this series have already won the price and they had a very similar design which obviously appeals to the members of the IBNS. I'm still not wild about the design because it's too chaotic for my taste but we'll see next year if Kazakhstan has another winner.

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Trinidad and Tobago issue new 50 dollar note

The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago has unveiled and issued the new 50 dollar commemorative note. The new note is made of polymer and gold in colour. The note shows the national coat of arms on the front of the note.  It also shows an artistic rendering of a red hibiscus flower and an image of the Red-capped Cardinal bird in flight against a clear, transparent window. The reverse shows a young, female masquerader in an award-winning carnival costume.

Below is a video showing the beautiful new note.


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Dominican Republic issues new 2,000 pesos note

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic has issued the new 2,000 pesos dominicanos note last week as part of the new family of banknotes introduced last October.

© www.banknotenews.com
© www.banknotenews.com

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Trinidad and Tobago about to introduce new $50 note

As announced on 29 October 2014 the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago is introducing a redesigned 50 dollar note on 13 December. The new note is made of polymer and commemorates the 50th anniversary of the country. It’s also introduced because the current 50 dollar note looks too much like the 5 and 10 dollar note.

Update 10 December: Oops.... it turns out the supposed picture of the new note I posted yesterday isn't the new note at all. Thanks for pointing that out Shrinivas Kesavan! Mental note to self: don't post when you're too busy to check your sources. We'll just have to wait until Saturday for the new note. There is this teaser available while we wait.

Read on

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Mauritania issues new 200 ouguiya note

Besides a new 1,000 ouguiya note the Banque Central de Mauritanie has also issued a new 200 ouguiya banknote. This note is printed on regular paper and not the polymer substrate the new 1,000 ouguiya note is printed on.

The new note is similar to the existing 200 ouguiya note but it's smaller in size and has updated security features.

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New SCWPM General Issues 1368-1960 available

At Shopnumismaster.com the new and 15th edition of the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money General Issues 1368-1960 has been released. This pick-catalog (although heavily criticized and more and more replaceable by better alternatives like The Banknote Book) is still a standard in collecting banknotes.

The 'Pick'-catalog for the older notes is now in it's 15th edition. There is some very good news for us collectors because this edition is finally available as a digital version so it can be used on your iPad for instance. This means that all three Standard Catalogs bij Krause Publications are now available as a digital PDF-file. No more carrying around kilo's of dead trees when you visit a fair or auction.

The paper edition is of course also still available. The catalog of General Issues 1368-1960 can be picked up here for (at the moment) $52.99. But if you sign up for the newsletter from shopnumismaster you will receive discounts and coupons on a very regular basis. So you should be able to get it cheaper than the current price (I bought mine with a discount of 15 dollars).

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Mauritania issues polymer 1,000 ouguiya note

The Banque Central de Mauritanie has issued a new 1,000 ouguiya banknote printed by Innovia. The annoucement was made by Innovia themselves. The new note is printed on Innovia's Guardian polymer substrate and is similar to the old paper note but a little smaller.

The new note has an issue date of 28 November 2014 and will circulate together with the previous note. 

The front and reverse as it's shown on the website of the Central Back:

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