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  • Giant and Titan on display
    Last year I wrote about the Giant and the Titan, the two illustrious banknotes of 1 million and 100 million pound which are technically legal tender and are closely guarde
  • Canada lacks women on their banknotes
    After the turmoil in the United Kingdom with the presumed absence of women on their banknotes (which was corrected when the Bank of England announced Jane Austen would be
  • Stephen Poloz new governor Bank of Canada
    The Bank of Canada has announced that Stephen S. Poloz will be appointed Governor of the Bank of Canada for a seven-year term, starting 3 June 2013. He will will succeed M
  • Mark Carney new governor Bank of England
    To a lot of people’s surprise Canadian Mark Carney has been named as the new governor of the Bank of England. He is currently the governor of the Bank of Canada and will b

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