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  • Bank of England unveils design of new 20-pound note
    The  Bank of England  has unveiled what the new 20-pound note will look like with a press release on 10 October 2019. The new note has painter J.M.W. Turner as its subject
  • Alan Turing to be the new face of the 50-pounds note
    The  Bank of England  has announced who will be on the new 50-pound banknote. It is none other than the late, great Alan Turing (1912 -1954)! From Wikipedia: " Alan Mathis
  • Bank of England plans ahead for 50-pound note
    The  Bank of England  has launched the selection of a new character for the 50-pound banknote which is due for release after the introduction of the 20-pound note in 2020.
  • Animal fat in polymer banknotes
    Well, there was a controversy I didn't expect! After a tweet was sent to the  Bank of England  asking if the new plastic pound notes  contain  tallow , the answer was a ra
  • A look inside the vaults of the Bank of England
    On Tuesday 13 September 2016 the new polymer 5-pound note will be issued to the British public at last. Because of that historic moment a very nice article has appeared on
  • Bank of England Museum reopens Banknote Gallery
    If you plan on going to London in the near future, you can now visit the Banknote Gallery of the Bank of England Museum . The gallery has been completely refurbished and i
  • Bank of England reveals new 5-pound note
    As announced earlier  the  Bank of England  has today revealed what the new 5-pound banknote will look like. The new note which will be issued from 13 September 2016 featu
  • Bank of England announces new 20-pound note
    The Bank of England has announced an update to its 20-pound banknote with an image of painter Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851). The Turner note will be printed on
  • Future 20-pound note will also be polymer
    The  Bank of England  has announced that, after the 5 and 10-pound note, the future 20-pound note will also be printed on polymer.  " The polymer £5 note featuring Winston
  • Bank of England wants new face for 20-pound note
    The Bank of England has asked the public to nominate who they would like to feature on the back of the future £20 note. This new banknote will be issued in 3-5 years, prob
  • New signature to appear on British banknotes
    The Bank of England  announced on 24 February that the signature of new Chief Cashier Victoria Cleland will begin to appear on notes which will be issued on 3 March 2015.
  • De la Rue to print the UK's polymer pounds
    As expected the  Bank of England  (BoE) has announced that banknote printer De la Rue is the "preferred bidder" for the new polymer 5 and 10 pound notes, which basically m
  • Bank of England signs contract with Innovia
    What was already expected , has now been confirmed : the Bank of England  has signed a contract with polymer producer Innovia to produce the sheets of plastic needed for t
  • Giant and Titan on display
    Last year I wrote about the Giant and the Titan, the two illustrious banknotes of 1 million and 100 million pound which are technically legal tender and are closely guarde
  • England revises selection of characters on banknotes
    From the website of the Bank of England regarding the future choice of characters on new banknotes: On 24 July 2013, the Bank of England announced that it would review the
  • Bank of England will change to polymer banknotes
    Not really a surprise but the Bank of England  (BoE) has decided that the new £5 and £10 will be printed on polymer. About  three months ago , the BoE has taken sample £5
  • Bank of England explores polymer banknotes
    The Bank of England is to hold a public consultation on the introduction of polymer banknotes in England. This introduction could already take place in 2016 with the new 5
  • Jane Austen to appear on the new 10-pound note
    The rumours are true: the Bank of England has officially confirmed that writer Jane Austen (1775-1817) will be featured on the next 10-pound banknote. With this news the B
  • Is Jane Austen the new face for the 10 pound note?
    After the Bank of England announced that Sir Winston Churchill would be the next 'head' on the 5 pound note, all hell has broken loose . Not so much over Churchill but on
  • "Keep a woman on the British banknotes!"
    The news that Sir Winston Churchill will become the new face of the British 5 pound note has been met with harsh criticism from some people. The anger is not so much direc
  • Sir Winston Churchill to feature on new £5 banknote
    The Bank of England has announced that former prime minister Sir Winston Churchill  (1874-1965) will feature on the new 5 pound banknote.   Bank of England Governor, Sir M
  • Britain's Giants and Titans
    A while ago I wrote a post about the large denomination notes from the USA. They go all the way up to the infamous 100.000 dollar banknote with president Woodrow Wilson at
  • New face for Britains 10 Pound
    The Bank of England has released a list of 150 names put forward by the public with famous Britons to be considered for the new 10 Pound banknote. This note currently has
  • Polymer pounds?
    I already wrote about the tender which the Bank of England issued for the printing of the British banknotes from 2015 to 2029. Part of the new tender is a demand that the
  • Inside a gold bullion vault
    Here is something you don't see everyday: the inside of the gold bullion vault of the Bank of England . I know: they're not banknotes but there was a time when this was th
  • British Pounds going abroad?
    The Bank of England has put out a tender of 1 billion Pound for the printing of all its banknotes. This means that De la Rue could lose its contract but also that for the

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