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  • Denmark chooses Oberthur for its banknotes
    In 2014 Denmark's national bank  Nationalbanken   announced it would cease the production of Danish banknotes. People in favour of abandonding banknotes completely celebra
  • Jamaica issues notes printed by Oberthur Fiduciaire
    The Bank of Jamaica has issued new notes of 500 and 1,000-dollar dated 2017 which have been printed by Oberthur Fiduciaire . There will be no 5,000-dollar notes dated 2017
  • Oberthur Fiduciaire acquires banknote paper plant VHP
    Oberthur Fiduciaire has acquired from Arjowiggins Security its banknote paper production plant known as VHP, as well as all its banknote related Intellectual Property . VH
  • Fiji issues new commemorative rugby sevens note!
    The  Reserve Bank of Fiji  has issued  a very cool new commemorative banknote. The 7-dollar note has the national Rugby sevens team and their victory at the 2016 Olympic G
  • Kyrgyzstan to issue 3 revised banknotes next year
    The  National Bank of Kyrgyzstan  has announced a revision of its 200-, 500- and 1,000-som banknotes. They are very much like the current series but with some small differ
  • Oberthur prints 10 bolivianos notes
    The banknotes of 10 bolivianos of the series I are now printed by Oberthur Technologies instead of Canadian Bank Note Company . Oberthur Technologies is a French secure te
  • Vanuatu introduces new polymer series
    The Central Bank of the island state of Vanuatu has introduced three new banknotes for a new polymer series according to this article in the local Daily Post. The switch t
  • Uruguay issues updated 500 peso note
    The Central Bank of Uruguay has announced that an updated design of their 500 peso note has been issued . A couple of new security features have been added, which are expl
  • Guatemala issues updated 20 and 50 quetzales notes
    According to  MRI Report  the  Bank of Guatemala  has issued an updated version of its 20 and 50 quetzales banknotes.  " The Banco de Guatemala announced the release of an
  • Bulgaria to replace 2 levs note with coin
    The Bulgarian National Bank has announced that it will replace the 2 levs note with a coin. The reason for this move is to cut costs. Printing the 2 levs note provides for
  • Ethiopia chooses new printer
    The National Bank of Ethiopia has selected the french company Francois-Charles Oberthur ( Oberthur Technologies ) for the printing of 196.8 million five Birr notes, worth

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