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  • Lebanon issues new note with novelty feature!
    The  Central Bank of Lebanon  has issued a new 100,000-livres banknote on 7 December 2020. The note commemorates the 100th anniversary of Greater Lebanon .  The interestin
  • China issues new 5-yuan note
    The  People's Bank of China  has has issued a new 5-yuan banknote on 8 July 2020. The new note has enhanced security features, including the denomination "5" in SPARK.
  • Bulgaria announces modified 50-lev banknote
    The  Bulgarian National Bank  has announced that a modified 50-lev banknote will be issued from 1 November 2019. The note is part of the new modified series. The overall d
  • Bulgaria introduces first note of new series
    The  Bulgarian National Bank  has announced it will introduce an updated deign of its 100-lev banknote. This banknote is the first of a new series. The basic design of the
  • Czech Republic: updated 100- and 200-korun issued
    The  Czech National Bank  has issued two updated versions of their 100- and 200-korun banknotes. For the most part the design remains the same but there have been some cha
  • Zambia to issue improved banknotes
    The Bank of Zambia has announced that it will issue a series of improved banknotes. They're mostly security related changes but other than the changes listed below, the de
  • Lebanon to issue improved 100,000-livres note
    The  Central Bank of Lebanon  (BDL) will soon issue improved banknotes of 100,000 livres with a wider security thread in three segments and  reveals the initials of the BD
  • Czech Republic announces updated banknotes
    The ?eská Národní Banka, or Czech National Bank , has announced that new versions of its 100- and 200-korun banknotes will be issued later this year. These new banknote ve
  • Bangladesh issues updated 100- and 500-taka notes
    The  Central Bank of Bangladesh  has introduced updated versions of their 100- and 500-taka notes, according to an article in the Dhaka Tribune . The new notes look the sa
  • Guatemala issues updated 20-quetzal note
    The  Bank of Guatemala  has issued a new 20-quetzal note which has basically the same design as the existing note but now also has an  OVI element on the front, a scroll w
  • Uruguay issues updated 200-pesos note
    The  Central Bank of Uruguay  has issued a revised edition of its 200-pesos note on 29 December 2016. The basic design is is the same as the existing note but with some ma
  • Paraguay has updated security features on three notes
    The Banco Central de Paraguay has issued three updated versions of the 20,000-, 50,000 and 100,000-guaranies notes, several sites report. The three denominations have the
  • Poland shows updated 200-zloty note
    The Narodowy Bank Polski (National Bank of Poland) has announced on 23 June 2015 that a redesigned 200-zloty banknote will be issued in February 2016. The updated design i
  • Myanmar to issue improved 10,000-kyat note
    The  Central Bank of Myanmar  has announced it will issue an improved version of its 10,000-kyat note.  The new bill is the same size, design and color as the old one but
  • Japan issues updated 5,000 yen note
    According to an article in Japan Today , Japan has issued an updated 5,000 yen banknote on 12 May 2014. It has high-tech anti-forgery features and enhanced convenience for
  • Uruguay issues updated 500 peso note
    The Central Bank of Uruguay has announced that an updated design of their 500 peso note has been issued . A couple of new security features have been added, which are expl
  • Lebanon issues new polymer commemorative note
    The  Central Bank of Lebanon  has issued a new commemorative note of 50,000 Lebanese pounds according to a press release by the printer, De la Rue : The Banque du Liban is
  • Guatemala issues updated 20 and 50 quetzales notes
    According to  MRI Report  the  Bank of Guatemala  has issued an updated version of its 20 and 50 quetzales banknotes.  " The Banco de Guatemala announced the release of an
  • Poland announces new security features
    As was announced last year, Poland will introduce updated banknotes in April with new security features. The news on the website of the National Bank of Poland : On Monday
  • Australia's Next Generation Banknote Project
    The Reserve Bank of Australia has published a paper on the  Next Generation Banknote Project  (PDF). This project aims to enhance the security of future banknotes from the
  • Will Chinese banknotes get MicroPerf in future series?
    The Chinese Banknote Printing & Minting Corporation , which is responsible for the printing of the Chinse yuan notes, has put out an order to the Dutch company IAI Systems
  • Peru issues revised 100 nuevo sole note
    The Central Bank of Peru ( Banco Central de Reserva del Perú ) has issued a press release on the introduction of a revised 100 nuevo sole note . The note has been issued o
  • South Africa issues update with new security feature
    The South African Reserve Bank  has issued an update of its current series of banknotes which was introduced last year . To mark the first anniversary of the release of th
  • Poland presents banknotes with new security features
    In April of this year Poland announced it would issue updated banknotes in 2014. The new banknotes will have  ( translation ) updated security features and will be clearly
  • Northern Ireland to announce new banknotes
    The Bank of Ireland UK  is set to introduce new banknotes this week with updated security features. The notes, in denominations of £5, £10, £20 and £50, will look similar
  • Will future banknotes be traceable?
    I found an interesting article about the use of RFID chips in future banknotes. When incorporated in a banknote this technology makes it possible to track a banknote for i
  • New security features for Polish banknotes
    After a few days vacation during which I haven't seen a single new banknote (partly because I never crossed the border) I've now returned for some catching up. For instanc
  • Problems for the new US $100 banknote
    Wired reports about the problems facing the new US 100 dollar banknote and specifically the various new security features which provide all kinds of problems in production
  • New security features for UAE banknotes
    ? News from the United Arab Emirates. The National AE reports : " the UAE Central Bank has announced plans that it will put into circulation newly reprinted 100 dirham and
  • New design for Tajikistan's 5 and 10 Somoni
    On 25 December 2012 the  National Bank of Tajikistan  introduced new 5 and 10 Somoni banknotes. The design is the same as the previous versions (P15 and P16) but in the ne
  • Security features
    I've compiled a list of a lot of security feautures which can be found on banknotes these days. These aren't all security features known today but as a first try, it's fai
  • MAGnite - new security feature
    Banknote printer Giesecke & Devrient has developed a new (and pretty cool) security feature for banknotes. In the future you can check if a banknote is false using your mo
  • Forgery with a kitchen tool
    Do you think you need state of the art equipment and the latest technology to counterfeit modern banknotes? Think again. A home-made tool resembling a meat tenderiser is b
  • Puzzelen met Franse biljetten
    Artikel over de beveiligingskenmerken op enkele Franse biljetten die een leuke puzzel opleverden: A Micro-Puzzle on French Banknotes .
  • Security features
    One of the most important aspects of modern banknotes is of course the security. Without proper security features banknotes could be easily counterfeited. This would make

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