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  • Who's who on UK banknotes
    The Business 2 Community website has published a nice infographic on the banknotes issued in the United Kingdom and who's on them. Because of the size of the image, click
  • Groat, plack, thistle or pistole?
    Next year, on 18 September 2014 , Scotland will hold a referendum on the issue for independance from the Unitied Kingdom. One of the more intriguing questions (for collect
  • Is Jane Austen the new face for the 10 pound note?
    After the Bank of England announced that Sir Winston Churchill would be the next 'head' on the 5 pound note, all hell has broken loose . Not so much over Churchill but on
  • "Keep a woman on the British banknotes!"
    The news that Sir Winston Churchill will become the new face of the British 5 pound note has been met with harsh criticism from some people. The anger is not so much direc
  • Sir Winston Churchill to feature on new £5 banknote
    The Bank of England has announced that former prime minister Sir Winston Churchill  (1874-1965) will feature on the new 5 pound banknote.   Bank of England Governor, Sir M
  • Currency options for an independant Scotland
    In the UK a debate is going on about what to do with the Scottish pound if Scotland would choose independence from the United Kingdom. The Guardian discusses some options:
  • New face for Britains 10 Pound
    The Bank of England has released a list of 150 names put forward by the public with famous Britons to be considered for the new 10 Pound banknote. This note currently has
  • Polymer pounds?
    I already wrote about the tender which the Bank of England issued for the printing of the British banknotes from 2015 to 2029. Part of the new tender is a demand that the
  • British Pounds going abroad?
    The Bank of England has put out a tender of 1 billion Pound for the printing of all its banknotes. This means that De la Rue could lose its contract but also that for the

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