Evita on Argentinia's new 100 Peso

The National Bank of Argentina has announced it will issue a new commemorative banknote of 100 Peso with the image of Evita Perón on the front. About 20 million pieces will be distributed and it is issued in commemoration of her death 60 years ago.

More info on Evita Perón can be found here. After the 'read on' you can watch a video of the presentation of this banknote.

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New commemorative banknotes from Thailand

The announcement of new bankotes is always something to cheer about but especially when it's Thai money. I'm a real sucker for their commemorative notes and have acquired quite a few already. They're not really difficult to get because in Thailand every birthday or wedding day of the royal family is cause for celebration and a new banknote it seems. That's great news for collectors!

Yesterday the National Bank of Thailand released a message (PDF) where it announced two new commemorative banknotes. The first one is an 80 Baht note in celebration of the 80th birthday of queen Sirikit. The note 80 mm wide and can be bought in Thailand for 120 Baht in a special folder. Two million copies will be available from the 9th of August.

The second banknote is a 100 Baht commemorating the birthday of crown prince Maha Vajiralongkorn. This one is sold in 10 million copies from July the 27th. The front of the note is the same as a regular 100 Baht. The back depicts the prince in a portrait and the moment he was 'crowned' as the crown prince.

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Moneta for free

Moneta, the magazine of the Ottawa Numismatic Society, can be downloaded for free from now on. That also applies for back issues (they're in their third year at this moment). A very nice gesture for us collectors. A lot of the articles have to do with coins but occasionaly articles about (the much prettier) banknotes appear. 

Here is a summary of all articles ever written but you can also go straight to the following years: 2010, 2011 or 2012.

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