Qatar announces new banknote series

The Peninsula reports that the Qatar Central Bank will issue new banknotes from 18 December 2020. The new series will have denominations of 1-, 5-, 10-, 50-, 100-, 200-, and 500-riyals. 

The themes per banknote:

  • 1 riyal: traditional dhow (bateel) and the Oyster and Pearl Monument
  • 5 riyal: a desert scene with Arab horses, camel, oryxes), flora (Al Qataf) and a hair tent (buryuut hajar)
  • 10 riyal: Lusail Stadium, Torch Tower (Aspire Zone), Sidra Medicine and Education City (Qatar Foundation)
  • 50 riyal: Qatar Central Bank building and Ministry of Finance building
  • 100 riyal: Abu Al Qubaib Mosque
  • 200 riyal: Palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani, Qatar National Museum and Museum of Islamic Art
  • 500 riyal: Ras Laffan LNG refinery and LNG canter ship

Source of photos. Tip courtesy of Amraan Amjad.

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Lebanon issues new note with novelty feature!

The Central Bank of Lebanon has issued a new 100,000-livres banknote on 7 December 2020. The note commemorates the 100th anniversary of Greater Lebanon

The interesting thing about this note is that it is the first banknote in the world using Cinema and Vivid security features. If you look at the video on the Cinema website, you can see how cool it is. Looking forward to see what Lebanon has done with this technique!

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Thailand issues two commemorative banknotes

The Bank of Thailand has announced it will issue two commemorative banknotes on 12 December 2020 to commemorate the Royal Coronation Ceremony of 2019. 

The 100-baht note uses the same front as the regular notes but has changed the color of the note to be more yellow. This note will be issued in a volume of 20 million copies. 

The 1,000-baht note has a vertical orientation. The images on the back are from the Royal Coronation Ceremony. 

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