Hungary announces redesigned 500-forint note

The Central Bank of Hungary is replacing all issued banknotes. The new banknotes will get an updated design, new security features and the printing process will be made more cost efficient. The new banknotes are expected to last for another 20 years.

The last banknote to be changed will be the 500-forint note. The general public will be able to use upgraded 500 forint notes from 1 February 2019 though the new note will be legal tender from 4 July 2018. Yes, that sounds a bit weird...

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Bolivia issues second note of the new series

The Banco Central de Bolivia has issued its second note of the new series: the 20-bolivianos note. 

The new note shows the image of Genoveva Ríos, a girl who rescued the Bolivian flag in Antofagasta in 1879. The second person on the new note is Tomás Katari, a native leader who led one of the first indigenous rebellions in the North of Potosí. And third Pedro Ignacio Muiba, who led another insurrection against his oppressors.

The new note also includes Fort Samaypata, Laguna Bay, the Toborochi tree and the Black Cayman

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