Zimbabwe will introduce bond notes on 28 November

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has formally announced that the already infamous Zimbabwian Bond Notes will be issued from 28 November 2016. The new notes are pegged 1:1 to the US dollar and will be issued in denominations of 2- and 5-dollar. 

Rumours surrounding the introduction of the bond notes have led to some of the biggest protests in the already turbulent country. Many people don't want the new notes dreading a return to the days of hyperinflation of the past. 

image from banknotenews.com

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World News on Banknotes: Fidel Castro has died

People mourn or people celebrate the fact that Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz a.k.a. Fidel Castro has died. He appeared on several banknotes but I like this 10-peso note (P104) best. It shows one of his characteristics: long, very long speeches.

Fidel Castro

(13 August 1926 - 25 November 2016)

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Poland plans to issue new commemorative note in 2017

The Narodowi Bank Polski (National Bank of Poland) has announced its plans for special coins and banknotes in 2017. In the long list (unfortunately only in Polish at this moment, but in Google Translate for you to enjoy) we can see one "banknot kolekcjonersk". 

In September of 2017 the bank will issue a commemorative banknote commemorating the 300th coronation anniversary of the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa. The icon was formally crowned in 1717 but the original icon is said to have been painted by the apostle St. Luke using a table top from the house of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. The icon is considered to be the Queen of Poland and many legends about sightings of Mary are associated with it. 

Alle we know for sure, is that next year 40,000 pieces of this new banknote of 20-zlotych will be issued in September.

Courtesy of Zbyszek for the tip.

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Short list of 'banknoteable' women in Canada

The Bank of Canada has announced which 5 women are eligible to be the new face of the next new Canadian banknote. A long list was publicized in May 2016 and this has been narrowed down to a short list of 5 women.

The 5 ladies are:

  • Viola Desmond (1914–1965), a black businesswoman from Nova Scotia who famously challenged racial segregation at a film theatre in her home province.
  • E. Pauline Johnson (1861–1913), a poet and writer whose performances reflect both English and Mohawk traditions and who is recognized as helping to shape Canadian literature.
  • Elizabeth (Elsie) MacGill (1905–1980), the world's first female aircraft designer. She worked as an aeronautical engineer during the Second World War.
  • Fanny (Bobbie) Rosenfeld (1904–1969), an Olympian who won gold in the relay race and silver in the 100 metre dash at the 1928 summer Olympics.
  • Idola Saint-Jean (1880–1945), a Quebec journalist, educator and feminist who fought for the women's vote in Quebec.

"In compiling their short list, Advisory Council members agreed that these five women best articulated the Council’s ultimate selection criteria: that nominees should have broken or overcome barriers, made a significant change, left a lasting legacy, and be inspirational.

(...) On Thursday, 8 December 2016, the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Bank of Canada will reveal which iconic Canadian woman will be featured on the next regularly circulating bank note, expected in 2018."

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Nicaragua to issue two new 1,000-cordobas notes

The Banco Central de Nicaragua has announced that from 1 December 2016 a new 1,000-cordobas denomination will be introduced, making it the highest denomination in the country. The reason for this move is the inflation and the need for higher denominations. 

Two different versions of the 1,000-cordobas note will be issued. The banknote which will be issued on 1 December is a commemorative edition celebrating the centenary of the death of poet Rubén Darío. The front shows the poet, a daisy flower and a poem. The back shows a dove of peace and a fragment of the same poem.

The regular edition of the new 1,000-cordobas will be issued from 2 January 2017 and will have the independence of the country as its main motive. The front shows Hacienda San Jacinto and the back shows the San Juan river

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Norway reveals final design of new series

One of the most eagerly awaited new series is one step closer to being issued to the public. The Norges Bank has announced the final design and issuing dates of the new Norwegian banknote series.

The theme of the new series is the Sea. When the winning concept was announced it created quite a stir among collectors and in the world of banknotes. The design showed a traditional image on the front which had a connection with the sea (a boat, a lighthouse, a wave, etc.). But it was the back of the notes that proved to be the pièce de résistance. 

The back of the notes shows a pixelated image connected with the image on the front which gives it an ultra-modern and very original design. Mixed reactions were heard everywhere and I am myself still on the fence if I like it or not. But it sure created a discussion and interest which is always good in my opinion. 

Some information on the new notes:

  • 50-krone, green, 70x126 mm, front: Utvær Lighthouse in Solund, back: lighthouse beacon, will be issued in Q3-2018
  • 100-krone, orange-red, 70x133 mm, front: Gokstad ship, back: cargo ship, will be issued 30 May 2017
  • 200-krone, blue, 70x140 mm, front: cod, back: fishing boat, will be issued 30 May 2017
  • 500-krone, yellow-brown, 70x147 mm, front: rescue vessel RS 14 "Stavanger", back: oil platform, will be issued Q3-2018
  • 1,000-krone, purple, 70x154 mm, front: wave at open sea, back: open sea and horizon, will be issued Q4-2019

It seems that the signal flags from earlier designs have been removed from the final design. The signal flags spelled out N-O-R-G-E together which I thought was a nice detail. The site of the Norges Bank has some nice films if you're interested in the whole design process

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Colombia announces new 2,000-pesos note

As expected the Banco de la República in Colombia has announced that a new banknote of 2,000-pesos will be issued on 29 November 2016.

The new note has painter Débora Arango as the main figure on the front, with the Caño Cristales river on the back.

This note will be the fifth issue of the new series, which means only the 10,000-pesos banknote is left to unveil. 

image - www.banknotenews.com
image - www.banknotenews.com

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Kazakhstan announces new commemorative note

The National Bank of Kazakhstan has announced that on 1 December 2016, the Day of the First President, a special commemorative banknote of 10,000-tenge will be issued in commemoration of ... the first president and the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence!

On the front we can see the image of president Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has been president of Kazakhstan since 16 December 1991. The back shows the Kazakh Eli monument which has been present on most recent banknotes from Kazakhstan.

Thanks to Triaff Nikitin for the tip and images. 

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Something old, something new from India

Rather surprisingly the Reserve Bank of India has demonetized the current 500- and 1,000-rupees banknotes on 9 November 2016 in an effort to attack the black market and counterfeiting in India. People can exchange (real) banknotes at banks in India with a valid ID. 

Following that sudden decision the RBI also introduces the first two banknotes from the new "Mahatma Ghandi (New)" series, with Ghandi looking the other way. Below are images of the new notes with the 500-rupees note being stone grey with the Red Fort in Delhi on the back. The 2,000-rupees note is magenta and has the Mangalyaan (Mars Orbiter Mission) on the back, which incidentally makes it a very nice addition to my space blog

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Yes, that actually happened...

creepy dollar

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Macedonia will finally issue two new banknotes

I first wrote about the new 200- and 2,000-denar banknotes in 2014 but the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia is now finally ready to issue these banknotes to the public. The new banknotes will be issued on 15 December 2016. 

 From the original press release:

"Leitmotif of the obverse of the conceptual, and art and graphic design of the 200 denar banknote is the relief with a presentation of the 41st Psalm of David from the Old Testament, which belongs to the infamous terracotta icons from Vinica, one of the most important early medieval archaeological discoveries on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. On the same side, in the left center field, there is a presentation of an early medieval bow bronze fibula from the beginning of the VII century, found near Prilep. The reverse of the banknote contains a presentation of an architectural and art element of the frontal facade of the "Colorful (Aladzha) Mosque" in Tetovo, one of the most attractive monuments of architecture and art from the Ottoman period in the Republic of Macedonia, complemented by floral elements taken from the decoration of the marble floor tiles of the famous "Isaac Mosque" in Bitola, built at the beginning of the XVI century.

Leitmotif of the obverse of the conceptual, and art and graphic design of the 2000 denar banknote is the presentation of Macedonian bridal costume from Prilep Field, as an impressive reflection of the richness of the folklore heritage of the Republic of Macedonia. On the same side, in the left center field, there is a presentation of a pendant in the form of a poppy head, which was discovered in Suva Reka, Gevgelia. It is an artifact dated to the VII century BC and belongs to the well-known group of Paionian-Macedonian bronzes. The reverse of the banknote contains a presentation of the decoration of the inside of a gilded vessel, which originates from the XVI century and whose central field shows two affronted peacocks near the "source of life" surrounded by lavish floral decoration."

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Secrets of the new RBS banknotes

I found two links to some really nice background articles on the design process of the two new RBS banknotes from Scotland on the IBNS forum. It provides a very entertaining look behind the scenes.

- How "Fabric of Nature" Scottish bank notes were designed 

Hidden secrets in new Scottish £5 banknote revealed by designers

source - banknotenews.com
source - banknotenews.com

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Seychelles presents new series of banknotes

According to a press release by the Central Bank of Seychelles the island nation is planning to issue new banknotes in December 2016. The new banknote family will have as its theme "Seychelles' Unique Biodiversity – the backbone of our economy". The new series will have different sized paper banknotes of 500-, 100-, 50- and 25-rupees. The current series of banknotes will remain legal tender until further notice.

Aesthetically I would have preferred some more color differentiation in the banknotes. The images look very nice but it also looks like they only had one color crayon per banknote.

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