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  • Bolivia issues second note of the new series
    The  Banco Central de Bolivia  has issued its second note of the new series: the 20-bolivianos note.  The new note shows the image of Genoveva Ríos , a girl who rescued th
  • Bolivia issues first note of new family
    The  Banco Central de Bolivia  has introduced the first banknote of the new family of notes on 10 April 2018 (for some reason I completely forgot to write about this).  On
  • Bolivia gears up for new banknote family
    The  Banco Central de Bolivia  has announced that the first note of the new family of banknotes will be issued in April 2018. The first note will be the 10 bolivianos whic
  • Bolivia won't issue 500-bolivianos note after all
    Contrary to earlier reports the Banco Central de Bolivia has announced that for the new banknote series NO note of 500-bolivianos will be issued. That note would have been
  • Bolivia issues tender for new banknote family
    The Banco Central de Bolivia has issued a tender for the printing of a new series of banknotes which will be issued to the public from 2018. The new series will feature ne
  • Bolivia considering issuing higher denominations
    Bolivia is exploring the possibility of introducing new notes with a higher denomination than the current highest 200-boliviano note, according to an article on La Razon .
  • Oberthur prints 10 bolivianos notes
    The banknotes of 10 bolivianos of the series I are now printed by Oberthur Technologies instead of Canadian Bank Note Company . Oberthur Technologies is a French secure te
  • Bolivia
    Bolivia, named after independence fighter Simon BOLIVAR, broke away from Spanish rule in 1825; much of its subsequent history has consisted of a series of nearly 200 coups

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