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  • Canadian police: "watch out for Frankenstein notes"
    Canadian police is warning the public for a new type of counterfeiting involving the 5-dollar notes. In a nutshell: " Police say counterfeiters are removing the clear pane
  • Madagascar to issue new series later this year
    The Banque Central de Madagascar is preparing to issue a new series which will include a new banknote of 20,000 ariary at the end of 2017. This would be the highest denomi
  • Will fake notes in Hong Kong lead to more polymer?
    Recently there has been a rise in the amount of fake notes in Hong Kong. Specifically the higher denominations are counterfeited. This article explores the possible conseq
  • Euro 'misprints'
    Lately I've been seeing a lot of so called 'Euro misprints' and 'Euro printing errors' on eBay. These banknotes have wrong cuts showing a portion of another banknote. You

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