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  • Georgia announces 10-lari banknote
    The National Bank of Georgia announced in 2015 that  new family of notes would be issued. In the years since 2015, several new notes have indeed been introduced. Now the N
  • Georgia has issued its new 5-lari note
    As previously announced the  National Bank of Georgia  has issued a new banknote of  5 lari  on 1 September 2017. The front of the note features the  Ivane Javakhishvili T
  • Georgia announces new 5-lari banknote
    The  National Bank of Georgia  has announced that from 1 September 2017 a new banknote of 5 lari will be issued. The front features the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State U
  • Georgia to issue three new notes in 2016
    The National Bank of Georgia has announced it will gradually issue three new banknotes in 2016. The 20-, 50- and 100-lari notes will be printed by De La Rue from England,
  • Georgia - 50 lari
    Georgia - 50 lari - 1995-2011 - P58/66/73 Since 1995 Georgia has issued several versions of its 50 lari note. On the back of the note we find an artistic interpretation of
  • South Ossetia to issue its own banknotes?
    Banknotenews.com reports that in August this year the parliament of the disputed area of South Ossetia has passed a law   ( google translate ) allowing the National Bank o

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