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  • West African countries choose single currency: 'ECO'
    Years ago I posted a link to an article called: " Currency unions in Africa " from The Economist. As it seems one of the predictions of that article will come true: CNN re
  • Guinea issues new 20,000-francs note
    Finally back from a short vacation in my own country with very nice temperatures for February. Last year we were freezing our hats off but exactly one year later we could
  • Guinea announces new 2,000-francs note
    Lounceny Nabé, the governor of the  Central Bank of Guinea , has announced the next issue of new Guinean franc notes on Thursday (March 1st), on the occasion of the celebr
  • Guinea introduces 20,000-franc note
    Besides the 5,000-franc note which will be issued later this month, the Central Bank of Guinea has also introduced a new 20,000-franc note in May 2015. The new note will b
  • Guinea to issue updated 5,000-franc note
    The Central Bank of Guinea has announced that a new 5,000-franc banknote will be issued at the end of July 2015. It has the same design as the existing 5,000-franc note bu
  • Guinea
    1 Syli - P20a

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