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  • Venezuela announes new 100,000-bolivares note
    Dictator President Maduro has announced that the Central Bank of Venezuela  will issue a new note of 100,000-bolivares to the public. Its worth is very low since the count
  • Zimbabwe to reintroduce its own currency
    The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has announced on 4 May 2016 that it will once again start issuing its own banknotes. Zimbabwe discarded the Zimbabwean dollar in June of 2015
  • Zimbabwe discards the Zimbabwian dollar
    The government of Zimbabwe has decided to discard its own currency, the Zimbabwian dollar (ZWD). The currency hasn't been widely used anymore after the country experienced
  • 90th anniversary of the end of German inflation
    Hurrah! Yesterday marked the 90th anniversary of the end of German inflation.  Here's a nice story on the background of this devestating time in German history. I also hig

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