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  • Norway - 100 kroner
    Norway - 100 kroner - 2017 - P54a This orange-red banknote measures 70x133 mm. On the front we can see the  Gokstad ship . The back shows a cargo ship and shows the conste
  • Norway issues last banknote of new series
    The Norges Bank has issued the last note of the iconic new series: the 1,000-kroner banknote. " The motifs on all denominations of the new banknote series depict the sea a
  • Norway - 50 Kroner
    Norway - 50 kroner - 2019 - Pnew The primary motif on the 50-krone note is based on  Utvær Lighthouse  in Solund municipality. This lighthouse was built in 1900 and is Nor
  • Norway issues new 50- and 500-kroner notes
    The Norges Bank has issued the new 50- and 500-kroner notes of the new Norwegian banknote series on 18 October 2018. The theme of the new series is the Sea. When the winni
  • Funny video for new Norwegian 200-kroner note
    It's only a few more days until the Norges Bank issues the new 100- and 200-kroner banknotes . These will be the first two notes of the highly anticipated new series .  To
  • Norway reveals final design of new series
    One of the most eagerly awaited new series is one step closer to being issued to the public. The Norges Bank has announced the final design and issuing dates of the new No
  • Norway shows new banknotes
    This week we've seen some excitement in the world of banknote collecting because the Norges Bank ' unveiled ' the design for the new banknotes. Yes, again. Because if I re
  • Norway chooses motifs for new banknote series
    Norway announced on 4 December 2012 the start of the project to design new banknotes which will be their 8th series. First step was to decide on a theme for the new notes
  • Aurora Borealis
    Last night we could see something in the sky which is pretty rare in The Netherlands but occurs more often in countries like Norway: Aurora Borealis, or northern lights. T
  • Norway - 200 kroner
    Norway - 200 kroner - 1994-2014 - P48/50 Last night we could see a phenomenon which is pretty rare in The Netherlands but occurs more often in countries like Norway: Auror
  • Norway announces theme for new banknote series
    On 4 December 2012 Norway announced that the process of developing a new banknote series had officially started.  The first step for the Norges Bank  was to choose a theme
  • New banknotes announced in Norway
    Norway has announced on 4 December 2012 that they started a project to design new banknotes. This will be their 8th series of banknotes. The main reason for designing the

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