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  • Suriname announces banknotes with new signature
    The Centrale Bank van Suriname has announced on 21 August 2017 it will issue new banknotes of 50- and 100-dollars. The notes will get a new signature of current Bank Presi
  • Suriname issues commemorative banknote
    The Centrale Bank van Suriname has issued a commemorative banknote of 50 dollar commemorating the 55th anniversary of the Central Bank, Banknotenews.com reports. A total o
  • New additions week 21 - 2014
    Two new banknotes this week from and both are from Suriname: the 500 gulden ( P150 ) and 5,000 gulden ( P152 ). This series issued in 2000 is one of my favourite series to
  • New additions week 6 - 2014
    I am quite the sucker for beautiful banknotes and when it comes to these the former Dutch colony of Suriname has some great notes to add to my collection. In particular th
  • New additions week 46 - 2012
    I finally added some notes to my collection from one of my favourite series: the Suriname year 2000 series. What I specifically like about this series is the beautiful des
  • Suriname
    First explored by the Spaniards in the 16th century and then settled by the English in the mid-17th century, Suriname became a Dutch colony in 1667. With the abolition of

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