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  • Vietnam issues commemorative 100-dong note
    The State Bank of Vietnam has issued a commemorative note of 100-dong commemoratong the 65th anniversary of the the banking sector in Vietnam (6 May  1951- 6 May 2016) . 
  • Guatemala signs deal with Russian printer Goznak
    Banknotenews.com reports that Guatemala has just issued a new version of their 20 quetzal note. This note is still printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company but this will
  • Trade in 'worthless' banknotes soars in Vietnam
    Vietnam will withdraw the 10.000 and 20.000 Dong from 1 January 2013. This has sparked a trade in these banknotes in Vietnam. People want to buy them as a souvenir or beca
  • South Vietnam
    1 Dong - P1a
  • Vietnam
    1 Dong - P80a   200 Dong - P100a   100 Dong - P105a   1,000 Dong - P106a   2,000 Dong - P107a   5,000 Dong - P108a   10,000 Dong - P119c (2008) 10,000 Dong - P119k (2018) 

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