Kazakhstan issues new 2000 tenge banknote

The National Bank of Kazakhstan has announced it has issued the new 2000 tenge banknote as of 29 March 2013.

"The obverse side of the banknote is as follows: the prevailing colors are dark green and light green; the prevailing images are vertical. The key images: the monument "Kazak Eli" on the right side of the banknote and images of the flying doves in the bottomcenter. At the bottom of the banknote there is a figure of saiga antelope made with the colorshifting paint. In the upper part there are the images of the symbols of state of the Republic of Kazakhstan: national emblem and state flag. The digital notation of the nominal value is printed on the left side, above and below; on the left center there is a digital notation of the nominal value in the state language. The legend "KAZAKHSTAN ULTYK BANKI" is in the upper left corner; below there is a legend in the state language warning about responsibility for counterfeiting: "Banknottardy koldan zhasau zanmen kudalanady". 

The reverse side is as follows: the prevailing colors are dark green and light green; the prevailing images are horizontal. The key image is an outline of Kazakhstan map contour with the image of Irtysh River. On the right side there is a holographic band of 13 mm wide with the image of nominal value, a stylized yurt and fragment of the state flag. Lower left, right top and lower right there is a digital notation of the banknote nominal value and in the bottom center there is a literalnotation of the nominal value in the Russian language. A legend is printed in the top middle; in the lower left corner, under the notation of the banknote nominal value, there is a legend “Counterfeiting is prosecuted under the law”.

Steven Zaterdag 30 Maart 2013 at 1:32 pm | | news
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