Switzerland presents new 50-francs banknote

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) has finally, FINALLY, revealed the final design of the first banknote of the new series! But to be honest: it was well worth the wait. 

"In the ninth banknote series the Swiss National Bank is breaking new ground on the design front – it is moving away from the depiction of well-known personalities altogether. Each note in the new series depicts a typically Swiss characteristic, which is then illustrated graphically using a key motif. Each characteristic is communicated via an action, a Swiss location and various graphic elements. The inspiration behind the new banknote series is 'The many facets of Switzerland'."

The first new note of the series has wind as its main theme. This theme is reflected in several design elements, like the dandelion on the front where the wind carries the seeds from it, the wind arrows and the wind currents blowing across the globe. The globe represents the connection of Switzerland with the rest of the world and will be present on all notes in the series. The back of the note shows a paraglider flying on the wind across the Swiss Alps. The mountain peaks and contour lines also represent the Swiss Alps. 

The Swiss banknotes have always been one of the most secure note and this new series is no exception. There are numerous security features used in this new note which are a bit too many to list here but be sure to check out the video below where a lot of them are presented. I really like how they made the security features an integral element of the design of the whole note. 

The themes and main colors of the banknotes in the new series are:

  • 10 francs: Time, Yellow.
  • 20 francs: Light, Red.
  • 50 francs: Wind, Green.
  • 100 francs: Water, Blue.
  • 200 francs: Matter, Brown.
  • 1,000 francs: Language, Purple. 

The new 50-francs note will be officially issued to the public from 12 April 2016. Below two images taken from the information brochure on the website of the SNB. More interesting downloads can be found here.

source - banknotenews.com
source - banknotenews.com

Steven Woensdag 06 April 2016 at 10:37 pm | | news
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