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  • Bahamas announces new 3-dollar note
    The  Central Bank of the Bahamas  will issue a new 3-dollar note on 28 March 2019.  What will it look like? From the press release : " Predominantly, burgundy with shades
  • The Bahamas introduce new 1/2-dollar note
    As predicted  on 27 September 2018 the  Central Bank of the Bahamas   issued its new 1/2 dollar banknote in the CRISP Evolution series on 24 January 2019. Good news for co
  • The Bahamas announces 1/2- and 3-dollar notes
    On 27 September 2018 the  Central Bank of the Bahamas   issued  a new 20-dollar banknote. During the presentation it was also announced that new 1/2- and 3-dollar banknote
  • The Bahamas issue new 20-dollar note
    The  Central Bank of the Bahamas  has issued a new 20-dollar note on 27 September 2018 in the new  CRISP Evolution series . CRISP is an acronym for Counterfeit Resistant I
  • The Bahamas issue new 1-dollar note
    The  Central Bank of the Bahamas  has introduced a new 1-dollar note on 27 September 2017. The new note is part of the CRISP Evolution series. The description of the new n
  • New 50- and 100-dollar notes for the Bahamas
    Fortress Paper has announced that the  Central Bank of the Bahamas  will use the Durasafe substrate developed by their subsidiary  Landqart AG for the new 50- and 100-doll
  • Bahamas introduces new 10-dollar note
    The Central Bank of the Bahamas has introduced a new 10-dollar note. This note is the first of the new CRISP Evolution series. CRISP is an acronym for Counterfeit Resistan
  • Modified 50 dollar note for the Bahamas
    The Bahamas have recently issued a modified version of the 50 dollar banknote. In the new series dated 2012, Ragged Island has been added to the map shown on the note, whi
  • Sister Sarah
    So BanknoteNews has a fun new challenge: identifying who Sister Sarah is on the Bahamas 1/2 dollar note (P42). When I was doing some research on my own collection I too ra

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