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  • China issues new 5-yuan note
    The  People's Bank of China  has has issued a new 5-yuan banknote on 8 July 2020. The new note has enhanced security features, including the denomination "5" in SPARK.
  • Bank of Ghana issues updated banknotes
    The  Bank of Ghana  has issued on 6 May 2019 its updated notes. From the press release: " The upgraded banknotes will have enhanced security features in line with evolving
  • Ghana announces updated notes for 6 May 2019
    The  Bank of Ghana  has announced that on 6 May 2019 updated notes will be issued to the public. From the press release: " The upgraded banknotes will have enhanced securi
  • Bulgaria introduces first note of new series
    The  Bulgarian National Bank  has announced it will introduce an updated deign of its 100-lev banknote. This banknote is the first of a new series. The basic design of the
  • Turkmenistan commemorates 5th Asian Indoor Games
    The 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games , which is also counted as the 5th Asian Indoor Games, is currently held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan from 17-27 September 2017.
  • Bahamas introduces new 10-dollar note
    The Central Bank of the Bahamas has introduced a new 10-dollar note. This note is the first of the new CRISP Evolution series. CRISP is an acronym for Counterfeit Resistan
  • Ukraine to issue an updated 500-hryvnia note in 2016
    The  National Bank of Ukraine  has announced that an updated banknote of 500 hryvnia will be issued on 11 April 2016. The note will have updated security features like a w
  • Uruguay issues updated 500 peso note
    The Central Bank of Uruguay has announced that an updated design of their 500 peso note has been issued . A couple of new security features have been added, which are expl
  • Lebanon issues new polymer commemorative note
    The  Central Bank of Lebanon  has issued a new commemorative note of 50,000 Lebanese pounds according to a press release by the printer, De la Rue : The Banque du Liban is
  • Peru issues revised 100 nuevo sole note
    The Central Bank of Peru ( Banco Central de Reserva del Perú ) has issued a press release on the introduction of a revised 100 nuevo sole note . The note has been issued o
  • Mexico issues revised 50 peso note
    The Banco de Mexico has introduced a revised banknote of 50 peso on 6 May 2013, which includes new security measures and some new design elements.  The image of  Jose Mari

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