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  • China issues new 5-yuan note
    The  People's Bank of China  has has issued a new 5-yuan banknote on 8 July 2020. The new note has enhanced security features, including the denomination "5" in SPARK.
  • China announces upgraded series
    The  People's Bank of China  has announced that from 30 August 2019 an upgraded version of the current series of banknotes will be issued to the public.  The upgrades incl
  • China issues commemorative 50-yuan note
    The  People's Bank of China  will  issue  a commemorative banknote of 50 yuan today. The note commemorates the 70th anniversary of the issuance of the renminbi (RMB), Chin
  • China announces new commemorative 50-yuan note
    The  People's Bank of China  has announced that a commemorative banknote of 50 yuan will be issued from 28 December 2018. The note commemorates the  70th anniversary of th
  • Mountaineering on banknotes
    A few days ago we heard the sad news that Dutch mountaineer Eric Arnold had died while climbing the Mount Everest. He was only 35 years old. The day before he had been fin
  • China - 100 yuan
    China - 100 yuan - 2015 - PNL The front of the note depicts the  Shenzhou 9  spacecraft docking with the  Tiangong 1  space station, which occured on 18 June 2012. To the
  • China to launch a space-themed commemorative note
    The  People's Bank of China  has announced that a new commemorative 100-yuan note will be issued. The beautiful blue note commemorates the Chinese space program. The bankn
  • China to introduce a new 100-yuan note
    The People's Bank of China has announced on 10 August 2015 that a new 100-yuan note will be issued.  The new notes, which will be issued from 12 November 2015, will have s
  • Will Chinese banknotes get MicroPerf in future series?
    The Chinese Banknote Printing & Minting Corporation , which is responsible for the printing of the Chinse yuan notes, has put out an order to the Dutch company IAI Systems
  • Nice wedding gift
    It is tradition in China to send gifts to fiancees. A 'tuhao' (a new word meaning 'rich people') in North China's Tianjin gave a large fortune to his daughter , including
  • Chinese woman discovers herself on banknote
    This is a story about Liang Jun, a Chinese woman of 82, who just found out she is the girl depicted on the 1 Yuan note from 1960 (P874a).
  • Poesjes op het Chinese 100 Yuan-biljet?
    A leading banknote and coin expert has denied a figure of a group of kittens appears in the new 100 yuan bill after a number of people claimed to have spotted the furry pe
  • China
    For centuries China stood as a leading civilization, outpacing the rest of the world in the arts and sciences, but in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the country was be

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