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  • The proposed currency of the Netherlands (post-euro)?
    Yesterday I read a very interesting article on the website FTM.nl (Follow The Money) titled " This is our new currency (if things go wrong with the euro) ". It's an invest
  • New record set for Dutch banknote
    At a recent auction in Zürich, Switzerland, a record was set for the most expensive banknote from The Netherlands in history, as Coinweek reports . Being Dutch myself, thi
  • 200 gulden banknote sold for €44,280
    At an auction by MPO a Dutch 200 gulden banknote from 1908 was sold for €44,280 which makes it the most expensive Dutch banknote ever. The banknote was bought by the De Ru
  • PVV issues 100 Gulden banknotes (update)
    We had election night in the Netherlands. The PVV (Freedom Party) distributed banknotes amongst their supporters picturing their leader Geert Wilders on an old 100 gulden

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