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  • Mujand strikes again
    The fantasy banknote creator Mujand has issued several new series of fantasy banknotes, some of which I have had the good fortune to hold in my hand and admire the beautif
  • Mujand releases new series: Evshlohogi
    We've come to the U-series already from fantasy banknote creator  Mujand . This time we visit the islands of Evshlohogi in the Blissdane Naive universe (other lands and st
  • New additions week 42 - 2018
    A wonderful new package from Mujand.com! I'm very enthusiastic about the latest set of fantasy banknotes celebrating National Parks from all over the world. We've already
  • Mujand issues two new National Parks notes
    A while ago I wrote about a new note from fantasy banknote creator Celsus Solar of Mujand. This note featured the beautiful nature of Yellowstone National Park. I expresse
  • Beautiful new notes from Mujand
    In 1642 Dutch explorer Abel Tasman was the first European to see the islands he named Staten Land which was renamed in 1645 to Nova Zeelandia after the Dutch province of Z
  • Dutch town Westland to issue its own 'money'
    For some reason a lot of cities, villages, states and provinces are issuing their own local money these days. It's not actually money to be honest: they are more like loca
  • A Euro banknote that actually looks desirable?
    A lot of countries are issuing commemorative banknotes celebrating numerous occasions. The  European Central Bank  (ECB) hasn't issued a single commemorative note yet and
  • Two fantasy additions to the current Madagascar series
    Last year Madagascar introduced a new series of banknotes. The highest denomination is the 20,000-ariary at this moment. But if they ever have to issue higher denomination
  • Star Wars commemorative fantasy note announced
    If you're a fan of Star Wars (me!) and a banknote collector (me, me!) you're going to love this one: to celebrate the release of the 8th movie in the series a special comm
  • Yes, that actually happened...
  • Two rebel banknotes from Nigeria
    Nigeria unfortunately has a history of rebel uprisings. What's interesting is that several of these rebel groups have issued their own currency and banknotes. Between 1968
  • Disney Dollars to be discontinued from 14 May 2016
    Sad news from Walt Disney World : from 14 May 2016 Disney will no longer sell any new Disney Dollars and won't issue new series anymore. Disney Dollars were first issued i
  • New 'Dutch' set from Mujand
    After the spectacular fantasy Dutch-Mauritius set from Mujand  designed by Celsus Solar, there is now a new former Dutch colony available in a perhaps even better looking
  • New additions week 14 - 2016
    I visited Walt Disney World with my family the past three weeks. That was a lot of fun by itself but for a collector of banknotes also a good opportunity to get some Disne
  • Mujand delivers new series... and more!
    If you've been reading this blog a while you'll know I'm a big fan of the fantasy notes by the Mujand Trading Company . Its creator and designer Celsus Solar has created a
  • Funny proposals for new Australian banknotes
    Say what you will about Australia but they can play one hell of a game of rugby and they like to have some fun. And when it comes to fun their banknotes are no exception.
  • The Poneet Islands set from Mujand Trading Company
    The  Mujand Trading Company  did it again: the F-series from the fictional Poneet Islands has been issued. The Poneet Islands of course are part of the planet Blissdane Na
  • New additions week 34 - 2015
    Rejoice, workers of the world! For the Mujand Trading Company has released a second set of banknotes from the Kuninganna Territory inspired by the glory of socialism. OK,
  • News from the Mujand Trading Company
    Exciting news from the Mujand Trading Company , the maker of one of the finest series of fantasy banknotes at this moment. A new limited edition polymer note is available
  • New additions week 19 - 2015 (2)
    This week after a three-day visit to Disneyland Paris I came home finding a brown envelop with some interesting stamps on it in the mail. A letter from the Mujand Trading
  • Mujand Trading Company issues 5th fantasy set
    One of the most interesting fantasy banknote series is the one from the Mujand Trading Company . Previous posts about their sets can be read here , here  and here . What I
  • Hungarian artist designs beautiful concept money
    If you give an artist total freedom in designing new money, you can end up with the most beautiful concepts. Take for example this work by the artist Barbara Bernát who ha
  • Dutch town issues its own local money
    Local money can be found all over the world. Soon also in the Dutch town of Alphen aan den Rijn . Denominations of 5, 10 and 25 alpha's (cool name!) will be issued which c
  • Imperium Romanum Fantasy Banknotes
    I received a very interesting set of fantasy notes in the mail today. It's the Imperium Romanum set made by Fantasy Banknotes . Now I am, like a lot of banknote collectors
  • New additions week 38 - 2014
    Recently I wrote about the new fantasy banknote set from the Mujand Trading Company . This fourth set is from the " Nation of Andaqesh " and features 7 banknotes. More bac
  • Mujand Trading Company releases new set
    Collectors of fantasy banknotes can add a new set to their collection from the Mujand Trading Company . This is the 4th series in their collection of fantasy banknotes fro
  • New additions week 17 - 2014
    Fantasy banknotes, the opinions on them vary but it's a fact that there are a lot of them. The most well known are from Antarctica  and the Disney Dollars . I know a lot o
  • Rio's residents fight inflation with fake currency
    The Guardian reports about the residents of Rio who fight inflation. Fed up with high inflation and rip-off prices ahead of this year's World Cup and the Olympics in 2016,
  • PVV issues 100 Gulden banknotes (update)
    We had election night in the Netherlands. The PVV (Freedom Party) distributed banknotes amongst their supporters picturing their leader Geert Wilders on an old 100 gulden
  • Biletov's en de MMM Corporation
    Gisteren kwam ik bij een bezoek aan een handelaar wat vreemde biljetten tegen. Zowel de tekstopdruk als de persoon die op het biljet stond, kwamen me niet bekend voor. Nie

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