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  • Oman issues 50-rials commemorative note
    The  Central Bank of Oman  has issued a new 50-rials banknote to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the rise of the Modern Omani Renaissance and in commemoration of the m
  • Oman's changing face?
    The Central Bank of Oman has issued banknotes with the image of sultan Qaboos bin Said since 1976. After the death of the old sultan on 10 January 2020 a new sultan became
  • Oman issues new commemorative banknote of 1 rial
    The Central Bank of Oman has issued a new commemorative banknote of 1 rial on 18 November 2015 commemorating the 45th National Day. From the website: " On the occasion of
  • Gulf states to introduce a single currency? Not likely!
    After the recent news on the proposed single currency for East Africa , could there be another group of countries moving towards a single currency? The Gulf Cooperation Co
  • Oman
    100 Baisa - P22d 1 Rial - P48a2

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