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  • UAE issue commemorative 100-dirham note
    The  United Arab Emirates Central Bank  has issued a 100-dirham note in commemoration of the Year of Zayed, which coincides with the 47th National Day. The banknote carrie
  • United Arab Emirates issue new 100-dirham note
    The  United Arab Emirates Central Bank  has issued a new 100-dirham banknote on 30 October 2018. The overall design and other specifications of the currency note remain th
  • United Arab Emirates release new 200-dirham note
    The  United Arab Emirates Central Bank  has issued a new note of 200 dirham, The Gulf Today announced . The new note has been  reprinted with tactile marks for the blind a
  • Zambia and UAE introduce notes with tactile marks
    Good news for the blind and visually impaired people from Zambia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Both countries have announced that they will issue banknotes with so-c
  • United Arab Emirates issues updated new notes
    The  United Arab Emirates Central Bank  has issued updated 50- and 100-dirham notes on 9 March 2015 with features for the blind and sight-impaired. From the Emirates News
  • UAE to add Braille to its banknotes
    The Khaleej Times reports that the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates has announced they will issue banknotes with Braille numerical edges as an aid to blind people.
  • Gulf states to introduce a single currency? Not likely!
    After the recent news on the proposed single currency for East Africa , could there be another group of countries moving towards a single currency? The Gulf Cooperation Co
  • New security features for UAE banknotes
    ? News from the United Arab Emirates. The National AE reports : " the UAE Central Bank has announced plans that it will put into circulation newly reprinted 100 dirham and
  • Short news
    Sweden : 50-krona and 1,000-krona banknotes without foil strips will become invalid after 31 December 2013. Source:  Sveriges Riksbank . United Arab Emirates : the new 50

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