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  • South Africa reveals its commemorative set
    The  South African Reserve Bank  annnounced earlier this year that a special commemorative banknote series would be issued thuis year, celebrating the 100th anniversary of
  • South Africa announces commemorative series
    The South African Reserve Bank  has issued a press release regarding a new commemorative banknote set celebrating the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's birth. From the
  • Swaziland has issued redesigned 100-lilangeni note
    The   Central Bank of Swaziland  has started with the issuing of its new 10-lilangeni note. The new note is slightly different from the old 10-lilangeni note which was blu
  • South Africa issues update with new security feature
    The South African Reserve Bank  has issued an update of its current series of banknotes which was introduced last year . To mark the first anniversary of the release of th
  • Banknote of the Year 2012: competition is still open!
    The IBNS has published  the nominees so far for the Banknote of the Year 2012. The nominees are (in random order): Brazil: 20 Reais Costa Rica: 5000 Colones Jersey: 100 Po
  • The power of banknotes
    A very nice article from South African writer Mlungisi Ngubeni  which shows the symbolic power banknotes can have for a nation. "Let these new banknotes be a symbol that t
  • Zombiecalypse in South Africa?
    The new South African banknotes with Nelson Mandela continue to make the news. This time in the form of the painting below. Is it a representation of the coming zombiecaly
  • Release of the new South African banknotes
    Today the new banknotes of South Africa featuring Nelson Mandela are released to the general public! Read more about them in a recent post  or view the promotion material
  • New banknotes for South Africa
    Yesterday the South African Reserve Bank started the campain to inform the public on the new banknotes. Before the end of 2012 the new series will enter circulation. On th

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