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  • Syria issues 5,000-pounds banknote
    The  Central Bank of Syria  has issued a new 5,000-pound banknote which looks like ... the thing below. Every year the Banknote of the Year is chosen but I'm willing to be
  • Syria to issue new 2,000-pound note
    USNEWS.com reports that the  Central Bank of Syria  has announced that a 2,000-pound banknote featuring a portrait of Syrian President Ashad will go into circulation.  Thi
  • Syria issues new 1,000-pound note
    The Central Bank of Syria  has issued  a new 1,000-pound note on 30 June 2015. Maybe rather surprisingly the new note doesn't have a picture of the current (Bahsar Assad)
  • Spink to offer newly discovered banknotes
    From coinweek.com : " The World Banknotes auction on 29-30 April [at Spink ] showcases a wide range of notes from countries across the globe. We are offering many great ra
  • New 500 pounds note from Syria
    Recently I wrote about the new 500 pound note from Syria. I still can't find an image on the website of the Central Bank of Syria (I suppose they have more pressing matter
  • Syria to issue a new 500 pound banknote? (2)
    Last week I wrote about the new 500 pound note from Syria which was supposed to be issued in a few days. Well, no official issue statement from the Central Bank of Syria ,
  • Syria to issue a new 500 pound banknote? (1)
    According to Syria Online the Governor of the Central Bank of Syria , Adib Mayala, has indicated that a new banknote of 500 Syrian pounds will be issued in the next couple
  • New banknote(s) for Syria?
    Just recently I mentioned a possible new 2000 pound banknote for Syria. This was quickly unmasked as a fake design. But now Banknotenews has found a video from Morocco. Th
  • New 2000 pound banknote for Syria (update: fake!)
    Ynetnews.com reports that war-torn Syria will issue a new 2000 pound banknote. It will feature for the first time the image of president Bashar Assad where previously an i
  • Syrian banknotes from Russia
    Some months ago there were questions being asked where Syria gets its

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