Nice wedding gift

It is tradition in China to send gifts to fiancees. A 'tuhao' (a new word meaning 'rich people') in North China's Tianjin gave a large fortune to his daughter, including several properties and a one-million-yuan car. But the 99 sheets of uncut banknotes, which include some foreign currencies, are the most eye-catching.

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Angry Spanish messages found on banknotes

So apparently the Spanish have found a new way to show their disaproval of politics and the banks. More and more banknotes are circulating with angry messages written on them. An innovative way to spread your message but bad news for us collectors, I guess.

Update: Tunisians also use this form of protest it seems.

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Kickstarter project: the 2 dollar bill documentary

At Kickstarter a new project is trying to gather funds: a documentary about the US 2 dollar banknote. As a European I never realize this but apparently this banknote is quite fascinating. Some ignorant shop owners have even turned customers away believing the note to be fake! Well, John Bennardo is also fascinated by them and wants to make a documentary about the note.

Still 5 days to get to the goal of $18,200!

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Was the new $100 note designed in Word?

LOL, discover how President Obama designed the new 100 dollar banknote... in Word! (after the click)

Read on

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The world's coolest banknotes(?)

Business Insider thinks the US dollars are boring and takes a look at other currencies in their search for the world's coolest banknote. A sometimes surprising list.

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New banknote for Australia?

An Australian website asks its readers if a new Australian banknote has surfaced: a $7 note with, wait for it...., a scratch-and-sniff feature with the smell of the wattle, the national scent of Australia. CSIRO, the inventors of polymer money, is neither confirming or denying that it designed a $7 banknote or that it is infused with wattle scent for security reasons.

I literally don't know where to begin... First of all, I'm pretty sure the wattle is the national flower of Australia and not the national scent. Second: are you kidding me?? A 7 dollar banknote with this design? I think the probability for this news to be true equals zero.

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Scratch-and-sniff banknotes?

Canadians and their money, a source of entertainment which goes on and on and on. What do we have so far? Naked women, melting banknotes, vending-machine-says-no, biological warfare and of course the wrong maple leafs. Now we can add another complaint: some people claim that when you scratch the new 100 dollar note, you can smell maple syrup. Why anyone would complain about such a delicious smell is beyond me but the fact is denied by the Bank of Canada: no scratch-and-sniff notes in Canada!

The people at the Bank of Canada must have a lot of fun with all these weird allegations. Would you like pancakes with these?

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Jack Lew has a new signature

Remember Jack Lew? President Obama named him to be the new US Secretary of the Treasury, all people could talk about for days was his funny signature. It consists of a number of loops which reminded people of a slinky. Some people complained it would be weird to have such a odd signature on the US Banknotes.

Well, apparently mr. Lew has listened to the criticism because recently he showed his modified John Hancock. It is unknown if this is the final version which will end up on new banknotes.

So which is better in your opinion? The old signature on top or the new version at the bottom:

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New banknote? What new banknote??

I just thought I'd share this story with you. Today I went to the bank to see if I could get the new 5 euro. When I asked the bank clerk if she already had them, she looked very puzzled. "Is there a new banknote, you say? Does it have the new king Willem-Alexander on it or something? They don't tell us anything! But I'm sorry, we don't have any money at this bank"....

And they say the banking system is based on trust.

Update: No bank, no shop and no banknote and coins dealer has seen the new banknote yet. I'll just have to be patient I guess...

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Jack Lew's signature

A rather funny story in New York Magazine about Jack Lew. In particular his signature. You might ask: what does it matter what the signature of the current chief of staff of president Obama looks like? Well, because mr. Lew is probably going to be the next Treasury Secretary of the United States and his signature will appear on the new dollar banknotes. So yes, it matters a little bit more than the average signature. What's so weird about it? Check for yourself in this photoshopped picture:


He wouldn't be the first Treasure Secretary who would change his John Hancock for his new job. The current Secretary Timothy Geithner also had to change his signature when he took up the job. You can view the before and after version in this interview. To see if any of the previous signatures were also a bit weird or ugly, you can view the entire list of signatures here.

I personally think Lew's signature is pretty cool!

Update 11-1-2013: President Obama jokes about the signature at the press conference announcing Lew's candidacy. He 'promises' that Lew will "make at least one letter legible in order not to debase our currency".

Update 12-1-2013: It just keeps on getting better. You can now see how Jack Lew would sign YOUR name by visiting this Jack Lew Signature Generator. LOL.

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Happy New Year!

A very happy 2013 to all of you!

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Inside a gold bullion vault

Here is something you don't see everyday: the inside of the gold bullion vault of the Bank of England. I know: they're not banknotes but there was a time when this was the backup for all issued banknotes.

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