Guinea issues new 20,000-francs note

Finally back from a short vacation in my own country with very nice temperatures for February. Last year we were freezing our hats off but exactly one year later we could sit in the sun in a t-shirt. Ah well, back to our beloved hobby!

The Central Bank of Guinea has issued a new banknote of 20,000 francs in the 2018-series. It is smaller in size than the current circulating (and still legal) 2015-series, and shows two pigeons, to symbolize Guinea’s opening to the world. The new banknotes have a varnish coat to improve their durability. The two mentioned pigeons are printed with an optical effect that produces a dynamic movement and changes its color when tilted. On the back the note shows an improved security stripe which changes from gold to green when tilted.

On 1 March 2019 the Central Bank has also issued new banknotes of 2,000- and 10,000-francs completing the new 2018-series.  The 2,000-francs note shows a Guinean man, with the mount Nimba in the back. 

Images from MRI Guide.

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Guyana announces new 1,000-dollars note

The Bank of Guyana has announced that an improved 1,000-dollars note will be issued next month with two significant changes. 

"These changes are part of the Bank’s commitment to the continuous upgrade of Guyana’s currency notes. The upgraded $1000 note will be released on March 4, 2019, and will circulate alongside the existing notes of the same denomination. The announcement was made by the BoG in an advertisement published in today’s edition of Guyana Times.

According to the Bank, this upgraded currency note kept most of the elements of the previous note with only two significant changes to the front and back of the bill.

The first change is the replacement of the holographic stripe at the front of the note with a RAPID® micro-optic security feature. The six millimetre-wide, blue micro-optic feature displays fluid and highly visible movement behind the national flower – the Victoria Regia Lily, which is also represented in the print on the edges of the note. With only a slight tilt of the banknote, the BoG added, the bands in the RAPID feature move up and down behind the static numerals "1000" as the flower petals shimmer in blue and white.

Meanwhile, the second change is the replacement of the windowed security thread at the back of the currency note with an embedded plastic thread, which is visible when held against the light.

Guyana’s $1000 note was upgraded in 2011 when improved security features were introduced. At the time, the $500 bill was also upgraded. Among the changes made then to both notes were a “holographic stripe” and an upgraded watermark among other features."

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Algeria presents new 500- and 1,000-dinars notes

The Banque d'Algérie has finally presented its new banknotes of 500- and 1,000-dinars which were announced last year. 

The 500-dinars has as its main motif Science and Technology and shows the technological advancement of Algeria over the years. The note shows the satellite AllcomSat1, the world globe and the map of Algeria. The wide holographic band show a portrait of Berber King Amazigh Jughurta. 

The 1,000-dinars note has National Traditions and Customs as its motif and shows the Great Mosque of Algiers. The wide holographic band show the portrait of Prince Abdul Qadir.

The new notes will be issued later this month. 

Update 22-03-2019: Pictures!

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Rwanda introduces new 500- and 1,000-francs notes

The National Bank of Rwanda has issued two new banknotes of 500- and 1,000-francs today. The new notes have modernized security features and are made of more durable material. The main color of the new 500-francs note has changed to brown. 

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Czech Republic issues two commemorative notes

The Czech National Bank has issued two new commemorative banknotes of 100 korun. The first 100-korun note commemorates the 100th anniversary of the currency separation. This occasion is marked with an additional print on the regular 100-korun note.

This first note has been issued on 30 January 2019.

The second commemorative banknote of 100 korun was issued on 31 January 2019. This note was the result of a competition. All in all 15 artists, who submitted a total of 17 graphic designs, participated in the competition. The first prize and recommendation for realization was won by designer Eva Hašková for an excellent artistic level, mastering the specifics of the banknotes, a concise portrait and the beautiful harmony of both sides of the proposed note. The note commemorates the establishment of the Czechoslovak koruna and it's a beauty...

Courtesy of Tomas Majer.

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Sudan issues new 100- and 200-pound note

The Central Bank of Sudan has issued its new 100-pounds banknote. The theme for this note is 'Civilization' and its main color is brown.

The new 200- and 500-pounds notes will be issued later this year. 

Update 5-2-2019: and here's the 200-pound as well!

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The Bahamas introduce new 1/2-dollar note

As predicted on 27 September 2018 the Central Bank of the Bahamas issued its new 1/2 dollar banknote in the CRISP Evolution series on 24 January 2019. Good news for collectors of 'unusual' denominations!

From the press release: "Predominantly grey, with shades of green, blue, coral, lilac and red, the banknote measures 156 mm long and 67 mm wide bearing on the front a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the series, and the signature of the Governor of the Central Bank of The Bahamas, together with the words "Central Bank of The Bahamas. These notes are legal tender under the Central Bank of The Bahamas Act 2000 for payment of any amount Fifty Cents". A watermark of Queen Elizabeth II and numeral $½, a replica map of the islands of The Bahamas, and the denominational value in words and figures appear on the left, with an image of a Strongback flower in the center. The back features a vignette of Sister Sarah in the Straw Market. The vignette is flanked above by the numeral $½ that appears in the upper left and lower right corners, while the words "Fifty Cents" are in the upper right quadrant. Just below the vignette of Sister Sarah is the Coat of Arms of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas along with the words "Central Bank of The Bahamas"."

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Bolivia issues new 100-bolivianos note

The Banco Central de Bolivia has issued the new 100-bolivianos note on 15 January 2019, as part of the new family of banknotes. The new notes are printed by Oberthur Fiduciare SAS

The front of the beautiful new note shows Juana Azurduy De Padilla, Alejo Calatayud, Antonio José de Sucre and the Casa de la Moneda on the front. The back of the note shows the Arcoiris Falls, the heliconia rostrata and the blue-throated macaw. 

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Mongolia announces new 5,000-tögrög banknote

The Central Bank of Mongolia has announced a new 5,000-tögrög banknote for Q1 of 2019. 

The new note will be "using the latest technology elements. This new element is virtually impossible or too costly to imitate.

With the introduction of the 3-dimensional technology and the Spark Inkjet element, the Soyombo on the real currency will have a distinctive feature, which changes color with the movement, from the counterfeit currency."

The current 5,000-tögrög notes will remain valid. New notes of 10,000- and 20,000-tögrög will be issued later this year. 

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Tajikistan issues update versions of its banknotes

The National Bank of Tajikistan has introduced new versions of its 10-, 20-, 50-, 200- and 500-somoni notes. 

The updated notes look like the previous issues, but have a few differences: a new latent image on shield, a repositioned registration device, a new holographic stripe without laser-etched digits, a new color-changing windowed security thread and a smaller repositioned flag at the back upper right. 


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Iran shows new 500,000-rial note

The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran has made the design of the new 500,000-rial note public, according to the Iran Front Page. The new note has a few changes comapred to the one issued in 2014: its main color is now orange, the vignettes on the front have been repositioned and on the back we can see Mount Damavand.

One striking element of this note, is the 50 on the front. This might be an clue that Iran might lop off 4 zeroes of its banknotes. "The government had announced in 2016 it is planning to cut four zeroes off the currency, in an effort to keep up with rampant inflation that has hit the Iranian economy for decades." 

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Armenia issues last three banknotes

The Central Bank of Armenia has issued the last three notes of its new series on 25 December 2018. These are the 1,000-, 2,000- and 5,000-dram notes featuring portraits of Paruyr SevakTigran Petrosyan and William Saroyan

With these notes the new series has been completely issued.

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