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  • Iraq has new 50,000-dinar note
    The Central Bank of Iraq announced it has issued a new 50,000-dinar banknote. From Iraq Tradelink News : " In a statement, the bank said that the issuance of the new bankn
  • Spink to offer newly discovered banknotes
    From coinweek.com : " The World Banknotes auction on 29-30 April [at Spink ] showcases a wide range of notes from countries across the globe. We are offering many great ra
  • Iraq - 250 dinar
    Iraq - 250 dinar - 2003-2004 - P91 This note from Iraq shows an astrolabe on the front.
  • Iraq issues new 10,000 dinar note
    Last April several newssites reported that the Central Bank of Iraq  was planning to issue new banknotes of 10,000 and 25,000 dinar. The Central Bank has now published a p
  • Iraq announces new series of banknotes
    The Central Bank of Iraq has announced that a new series of banknotes will be printed, according to several newssites . The update will include new images, two added dates
  • Banknote with the image of Bin Laden? Not likely!
    The BBC reports : " An extremist group operating in Iraq and Syria seems to have made a banknote bearing the image of Osama Bin Laden, in an apparent effort to declare sov

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