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  • Spink to offer newly discovered banknotes
    From coinweek.com : " The World Banknotes auction on 29-30 April [at Spink ] showcases a wide range of notes from countries across the globe. We are offering many great ra
  • Palestine banknote sold for almost $100,000
    Al Arabiya reports : " An Arab buyer in London has paid £65,000 (almost $100,000) for a rare Palestinian banknote that was auctioned this week in the British capital. T he
  • Rare Watford Bank 1 Pound note up for auction
    After the Creede banknote , I found another article with an old banknote from a bank which no longer exists today. This is the 1 Pound note from the Watford Bank issued in
  • New Spink auction coming up
    On December 13 Spink and Son will hold a new auction of world banknotes. A total of 741 lots with banknotes from all over the world is available to bid on. To be honest: t
  • Banknotes reflect glory of nation state
    Rare auction of Arab world currencies provides rich pictorial display of region's turbulent modern history. (...) Banknotes – sometimes dubbed the "calling cards of nation

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