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  • Canada issues its new 10-dollar banknote today
    Last year on 8 March 2018, International Women's Day, the Governor of the Bank of Canada  Stephen Poloz,  revealed  the new polymer 10-dollar banknote to the public. The n
  • Viola Desmond to be on next Canadian 10-dollar note
    The Bank of Canada has chosen Viola Desmond (1914-1965) as the face of the next 10-dollar banknote of the new series. She is the second woman after Queen Elizabeth II but
  • Short list of 'banknoteable' women in Canada
    The Bank of Canada has announced which 5 women are eligible to be the new face of the next new Canadian banknote. A long list was publicized in May 2016 and this has been
  • Will Nellie McClung return on a Canadian banknote?
    The  Bank of Canada announced on 8 March 2016 that for the first release of its next series of banknotes it wants a woman to appear on the new note. A public call for name
  • Critique on plans for the US dollar redesign
    Edward Rothstein, a critic working for The Wall Street Journal, has written a very interesting opinion piece on the proposed redesign of the US dollar notes. If you recall
  • Women on banknotes
    In light of the recent announcement of the return of women on US banknotes, data analysts from Statista have done research which countries have women on currently circulat
  • 'Banknoteable' women for next Canadian banknote
    The  Bank of Canada  has publicized  a long-list of 12 Canadian women who could end up on the banknotes of the next series. The first new note of the new series is expecte
  • US banknotes will get lots of new faces
    Just coming back from a vacation in the USA I was once again confronted with perhaps the most well known banknotes in the world but also some of the most boring in terms o
  • Canada wants woman on new banknote series
    The  Bank of Canada  has issued a press release on 8 March 2016, International Women's Day (and coincidentally also the birthday of my beloved), that for the first release
  • Women on currency notes in the United States
    There is quite a discussion going on right now in the USA about the design of the US dollars. In particular the lack of women on the notes. I already wrote about this issu
  • Why the US Military printed women on the MPC's
    A fun article ( Google Translate ) from Die Welt about women on US banknotes. Women? Wasn't Martha Washington the only woman ever on a US banknote? Yes, but the Military P
  • Women on US banknotes?
    US President Obama created somewhat of a stir last week when he answered in reply to a question from a young girl why there aren't any women on US banknotes that it would
  • Canada lacks women on their banknotes
    After the turmoil in the United Kingdom with the presumed absence of women on their banknotes (which was corrected when the Bank of England announced Jane Austen would be
  • Sexist banknotes?
    Due to the turmoil surrounding the choice of Jane Austen for the next 10 pound banknote, the Mirror has investigated a number of countries and the presence of women on the
  • "Keep a woman on the British banknotes!"
    The news that Sir Winston Churchill will become the new face of the British 5 pound note has been met with harsh criticism from some people. The anger is not so much direc

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