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Because my most used camera these days is my iPhone 4s, I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to invest in some gear which would help me make more interesting (and better?) shots. I was looking for a good macro lens and I narrowed my choices down to either the Olloclip or the kit from a dutch website Because money was also kind of a factor (and Olloclip would cost me $30 for just shipping), I chose for the lenskit from Ordered on Monday and delivered on Tuesday with shipping costs included in the price: nice!

The whole package is slightly larger than the box your iPhone came in. The box itself contains:

  • 1 macro / wide angle lens
  • 1 fisheye lens
  • 1 12x telelens
  • 1 tripod + adapter (to put the iPhone on your tripod)
  • 1 cover (to which the lenses are mounted)
  • 1 bag to carry the lenses with you
  • 1 lens cloth

Contents of the box. The tripod adapter is not included in the picture but is in the box.

The lenses are all mounted on the cover which fits perfectly on my iPhone 4s. The covers come in black or white. I read in other reviews that, since the cover is made of plastic, the place where you mount the lenses can be fragile. So handle with care and twist the lenses on lightly until it is stuck, no further. If the cover does brake due to heavy use (or clumsiness) it can be replaced for €6.50 so it's not the end of the world or your paycheck.

The lenses are made of aluminium and glass so no plastic. They feel sturdy enough to be used on a daily basis. I'm not too crazy about covers for my iPhone and the combination of the aluminium lenses and the plastic cover feels a bit awkward to be honest. In the end the lens is mounted perfectly and is completely stuck in it's fitting but if the plastic cover will stay undamaged for say a year? The proof of the pudding is in the eating so let's wait and see.

Now for the photo's.

To show the difference between the normal lens, the wide angle and the telelens I've taken the first three shots from roughly the same position in my backyard.


Taken with the iPhone's own lens

Wide angle:

Wide angle lens

12x Telelens:

12x Telelens

The fisheye lens gives the usual 'weird' image:


The macro lens can be used when you screw off the top half of the wide angle lens. With it you can easily take shots 1 cm from your subject. Since I never used macro lenses before (I also have a DSLR but only with the kit lens and a telelens) it took some practice getting close enough to moving objects (moving either by wind or by just being alive and scared). But in the end I managed to get a decent shot to show the possibilities of the macro lens (post-edited with snapseed):

Macro lens


For the amount of money you pay for Olloclip you get a complete package with an extra telelens and a tripod. The quality of the lenses feels very good (although I have no comparison of course) but the cover is a bit of a question mark for me. The good news however is that in the event of a broken cover it can be replaced quick and relatively cheap. The photos you can make with the lenses surprised me. My main reason for buying the lens kit was the macro lens and the first results are very satisfying. I predict I will be lost in the small world for quite some time.

Disclaimer: no animals were harmed in any way and all complied willingly.

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