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  • The Euro gets a new signature
    The euro banknotes get a new signature from the new ECB President Christine Lagarde. This will be the 4th signature on the banknotes of the Eurozone since the introduction
  • Christine Lagarde nominated for ECB President
    After  Duisenberg , Trichet and  Draghi we will soon have a new signature on the Euro banknotes. Christine Lagarde , who is currently managing director of the IMF, has bee
  • ECB issues new 100- and 200-euro notes
    The  European Central Bank  has issued the new 100- and 200-euro banknotes on 28 May 2019. With these last two notes the new Europa-series is complete.  In the words of th
  • ECB presents new 100- and 200-euro banknotes
    The  European Central Bank  has presented the new banknotes of 100 and 200 euro. These are the last two banknotes of the second 'Europa' series since the 500-euro note won
  • ECB to reveal two new banknotes next month
    The European Central Bank will officially unveil the design of the new 100- and 200-euro banknotes on 17 September 2018, according to Le Vif . The two notes will be issued
  • A Euro banknote that actually looks desirable?
    A lot of countries are issuing commemorative banknotes celebrating numerous occasions. The  European Central Bank  (ECB) hasn't issued a single commemorative note yet and
  • ECB issues new 50-euro note
    The European Central Bank (ECB) has introduced the new 50-euro banknote on 4 April 2017. This 4th note in the new Europa series has the same color scheme as the old note a
  • The proposed currency of the Netherlands (post-euro)?
    Yesterday I read a very interesting article on the website FTM.nl (Follow The Money) titled " This is our new currency (if things go wrong with the euro) ". It's an invest
  • Happy birthday euro!
    On the 30 August 2016 the euro celebrated the fact that 15 years ago the euro banknotes were first shown to the public by the first president of the  European Central Bank
  • ECB unveils new 50-euro note
    The European Central Bank has unveiled the design for its new 50-euro banknote. This 4th note in the new Europa series has the same color scheme as the old note and also k
  • ECB announces new 50-euro note
    The European Central Bank has officially confirmed that a new 50-euro banknote will be issued in Q2 of 2017. The new note is the 4th new issue in the Europa series after t
  • 500-euro note discontinued after 2018
    Not completely unexpected the  European Central Bank  has announced that the 500-euro note won't be printed and issued anymore from the end of 2018. From the website : " T
  • Will the ECB discontinue the 500-euro note?
    Recently I attended a seminar on underground banking (for an explanation click here . It's in Dutch but I think it's also understandable for non-Dutch speakers). Among the
  • Belarus to issue redenominated notes from 1 July 2016
    The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus has announced that president  Aleksander Lukashenko has signed a decree for the redenomination of the national currency, the B
  • The new 50-euro notes will be printed in Leipzig
    While we're all waiting for the new 20-euro note to be issued in November of this year, there is also news about the next European note to be modernized. The new 50-euro n
  • ECB presents new 20 euro note
    The  European Central Bank  (ECB) has presented the new 20 euro note, the third note in the new  Europa series . The new note will be issued to the public on 25 November 2
  • Lithuania adopts the euro
    On 1 January 2015 the new year began and this marked the end of the litas as a currency. Lithuania is the 19th member of the eurozone and has adopted the euro as its curre
  • ECB will unveil new 20 euro note on 24 February 2015
    The ECB has announced that the new €20 banknote will be unveiled on 24 February 2015 . From the website : " The new €20 is the third banknote of the Europa series to be in
  • Italy seizes massive amount of counterfeit euro notes
    Reuters reports : " Italian finance police arrested a man who concealed a haul of forged 50-euro banknotes equivalent to 17 million euros ($21.8 million) in a van outside
  • New 10 euro note issued
    Joyous tidings fellow Europeans (and other people) for today the  European Central Bank  (ECB) has started issuing the new 10 euro banknote, the second note in the new Eur
  • Joh. Enschedé to print dutch 10 euro notes
    Dutch banknote printer Royal Joh. Enschedé has won a tender to print the new 10 euro notes for De Nederlandsche Bank (the dutch Central Bank). It’s for the first time sinc
  • Exhibition 'The New Face of the Euro'
    From 23 July until 1 September the city of Den Haag (The Hague) hosts the exhibition ' The New Face of the Euro '. Goal of the exhibition is to educate the public on the e
  • Lithuania might adopt the euro in 2015
    On the 1st of January this year Latvia became the 18th country to adopt the euro. Its neigbor Lithuania is poised to be the 19th euro nation, maybe even as soon as 2015. T
  • New 10 euro pops up in Hamburg, Germany
    The new 10 euro note won't be issued for some months. The official introduction will be on 23 September 2014... unless you live in Hamburg and took a taxi last week . Rece
  • Lats no longer legal tender in Latvia
    From today on the old lats are no longer valid in Latvia. The only legal tender now is the euro. On 1 January the euro was introduced and until 14 January the euro and lat
  • ECB: no plastic banknotes, more fakes
    Besides presenting the new 10 euro note, the ECB Executive Board member Yves Mersch also had other news on the euro. Most important for us collectors is the confirmation t
  • ECB presents new 10 euro
    The  European Central Bank  (ECB) has presented the new 10 euro note, the second note in the new Europa series . A new design with some minor changes, updated security fea
  • Dutch banknote printer Joh. Enschedé saved
    Dutch banknote printer Royal Joh. Enschedé has been saved from bankruptcy by signing an agreement with investment firm Nimbus . Nimbus will get 95% of the shares of the co
  • Latvia joins the Eurozone
    Today Latvia has joined the Eurozone. It is the 18th country to do so. It's own currency, the Lat, will cease to be legal tender on 15 January 2014. With this step the wor
  • New 10 euro presented on 13 January 2014 (update)
    The  European Central Bank  had already announced that the new 10 euro note would be issued in 2014. Now they've given a new date to look forward to: 13 January 2014. On t
  • Angry Spanish messages found on banknotes
    So apparently the Spanish have found a new way to show their disaproval of politics and the banks. More and more banknotes are circulating with angry messages written on t
  • European Union announces new 10 euro note
    The European Central Bank has officially confirmed that a new 10 euro banknote will be issued in 2014. This will be the second in the new Europa series after the introduct
  • Wanted: the new 5 euro (preferably alive)
    Remember the new 5 euro banknote (and my first attempt to get one)? The one that was introduced into the eurozone 2 May 2013? I still haven't been able to get one through
  • New banknote? What new banknote??
    I just thought I'd share this story with you. Today I went to the bank to see if I could get the new 5 euro . When I asked the bank clerk if she already had them, she look
  • ECB issues new 5 euro banknote today
    The European Central Bank (ECB) has introduced the new 5 euro banknote today. It's the first issue of the second series of euro banknotes. The new series has the same "age
  • Interview with Ton Roos, Director of Banknotes (ECB)
    Coin Update has an interesting interview with Ton Roos , Director of Banknotes at the European Central Bank . He of course talks about the forthcoming new Europa series of
  • Draghi signature also confirmed for 100 euro
    The new signature on the euro banknotes by Mario Draghi has now also been confirmed for banknotes of 100 euro. More info on the signatures on the euro banknotes can be fou
  • Dutch PvdA wants to abolish 500 euro banknotes
    Some news from my own country, the Netherlands. The PvdA , the dutch Labour party which is also part of the government at the moment, has proposed a withdrawal of the 500
  • Number of euro counterfeits drops
    Besides the presentation of the new 5 euro yesterday the  European Central Bank also had other news to report. The ECB  said it removed 12,4% fewer counterfeit euro bankno
  • New 5 euro presented
    All has been revealed!   Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), today unveiled the Europa series €5 banknote. The unveiling was the highlight of the o
  • Unveiling of the new 5 euro today
    Set your clocks to 16:30 CET when the new 5 euro will be unveiled by Mario Draghi of the ECB . 
  • What will the new 5 euro look like?
    That question will be answered next week when on 10 January 2013 the ECB will unveil the design of the new 5 euro banknote. Don't expect to many changes though. As the ECB
  • The new Europa series
    More info has come available on the new "Europa" series of euro banknotes which I wrote about yesterday . We already know the new €5 will be released first and then the €1
  • New euro banknotes in 2013
    According to this tickerpost on EUobserver.com the European Central Bank will announce today that new euro banknotes will be issued in 2013. The European Central Bank is T
  • Euro 'misprints'
    Lately I've been seeing a lot of so called 'Euro misprints' and 'Euro printing errors' on eBay. These banknotes have wrong cuts showing a portion of another banknote. You
  • New signature on Euro banknotes
    After  Duisenberg and Trichet we will soon have a third signature on the Euro banknotes. It's the new president of the European Central Bank who took office on 1 November
  • European Union
    5 Euro – P1h (Slovenia)

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