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  • Scottish banks issue new 20-pounds notes
    The three Scottish note issuing banks have each issued their version of new 20-pound banknote. The  Royal Bank of Scotland  has issued the first 20-pound Scottish banknote
  • Bank of Scotland reveals two versions of 20-pound note
    The Bank of Scotland has unveiled two versions of its new 20-pound note. The regular version has the familiar image of Sir Walter Scott on the front and the red Forth Brid
  • Bank of Scotland reveals new 20- and 50-pound notes
    The  Bank of Scotland  (not to be confused with the Royal Bank of Scotland ) has revealed what the new 20- and 50-pound notes will look like. The front is similar to the 5
  • Royal Bank of Scotland reveals new 20-pound note
    The Royal Bank of Scotland has presented its new 20-pound note which will enter circulation in 2020. The new note  will be the first 20-pound Scottish banknote to feature
  • Scottish 10-pound notes auctioned for a lot of money
    The Bank of Scotland issued a new 10-pound note in the Autumn of 2017 . The note featured a portrait of the Scottish novelist and poet, Sir Walter Scott on the front toget
  • Scotland (RBS) - 10 pound
    Scotland (Royal Bank of Scotland) - 10 Pound - 2017 - PNL The Scottish note features the Scottish scientist and astronomer Mary Somerville. Mary Fairfax Somerville (26 Dec
  • Scotland's Clydesdale Bank issues new 10-pound note
    On 21 September 2017 the Scottish  Clydesdale Bank  issued its new 10-pound banknote which was announced in January 2016. The new note is made of polymer and features the
  • Bank of Scotland introduces new 10-pound note
    The Bank of Scotland has announced it will issue a new polymer 10-pound note in the Autumn of 2017. The new note has a portrait of the Scottish novelist and poet, Sir Walt
  • Secrets of the new RBS banknotes
    I found two links to some really nice background articles on the design process of the two new RBS banknotes from Scotland on the IBNS forum. It provides a very entertaini
  • Bank of Scotland issues new polymer 5-pound note
    On 4 October 2016 the Bank of Scotland has introduced  (pdf) a new polymer note of 5 pound. A little smaller than the existing 5-pound notes, the new notes will reuse the
  • RBS choses Nan Shepard for new 5-pound note
    From The Guardian : " The Scottish author Nan Shepherd, who explored the Cairngorms in her classic text The Living Mountain, is to feature on a new Scottish £5 note. Sheph
  • Mary Somerville on next 10-pound note from the RBS
    Recently I wrote about the Royal Bank of Scotland  who had to chose a new face to put on its new polymer 10-pound note. The RBS had narrowed it down to three scientists. M
  • Which of these three scientists will go on the 10-pound?
    The Royal Bank of Scotland  has narrowed its list of faces to put on the new polymer 10-pound note down to three scientists. According to this statement the two men and on
  • Scottish Clydesdale Bank shows new 10-pound note
    The Scottish  Clydesdale Bank  plans to  introduce  a new 10-pound note made of polymer featuring the image of poet Robert Burns. The back of the note show  views of Edinb
  • RBS asks the public to nominate Scots for the new £10
    The Royal Bank of Scotland is asking the public to choose a new face for its new 10-pound polymer banknote. More specifically the RBS is asking for a Scottish historical f
  • Clydesdale Bank to introduce new 20-pound note
    The Scottish Clydesdale Bank is introducing a new 20-pound note which is signed by  Clydesdale Bank’s chief operating officer Debbie Crosbie, the first woman to sign a Sco
  • Bank of Scotland unveils first plastic banknote
    The Bank of Scotland has unveiled its first polymer note today. This is a special (very) limited edition of just 50 notes which will be put up for auction in December at S
  • Royal Bank of Scotland chooses Safeguard
    The Royal Bank of Scotland has announced that the new 5- and 10-pound notes will be printed on the polymer substrate Durasafe Safeguard produced by De la Rue. [ Edit : tha
  • Bank of Scotland to issue two polymer notes
    According to this article on Daily Business the Bank of Scotland will issue two new polymer notes in the near future. The next 5- and 10-pound notes will be printed on pol
  • Britain sees its first polymer banknote
    According to several newssites the first polymer note has been introduced in Britain. The 5-pound note from the Clydesdale Bank has been introduced in Scotland and feature
  • Scotland votes 'No!'
    Scotland has voted to stay in the United Kingdom after voters rejected independence with a wider margin than most people expected. For our hobby this means that not much w
  • New additions week 29 - 2014
    A great new banknote this week with the RBS  Ryder Cup  commemorative issue from Scotland. I recently wrote an article on this new note which is printed on hybrid paper, a
  • RBS to issue commemorative hybrid note in Scotland
    Just after the news that Scotland will issue the first British polymer banknote next year, the Scots have another novelty with the introduction of the first hybrid banknot
  • First British polymer banknote... from Scotland
    From the BBC : " The first plastic banknotes in Great Britain will be in use next year when two million £5 notes are issued by Clydesdale Bank branches. The bank is author
  • Giant and Titan on display
    Last year I wrote about the Giant and the Titan, the two illustrious banknotes of 1 million and 100 million pound which are technically legal tender and are closely guarde
  • Who's who on UK banknotes
    The Business 2 Community website has published a nice infographic on the banknotes issued in the United Kingdom and who's on them. Because of the size of the image, click
  • Groat, plack, thistle or pistole?
    Next year, on 18 September 2014 , Scotland will hold a referendum on the issue for independance from the Unitied Kingdom. One of the more intriguing questions (for collect
  • Currency options for an independant Scotland
    In the UK a debate is going on about what to do with the Scottish pound if Scotland would choose independence from the United Kingdom. The Guardian discusses some options:
  • 'I feel like Braveheart, conquering England'
    Journalist Paul English (what's in a name?) tells his funny story on trying to spend the Scottish pound banknotes in London. Some accept the notes, others don't and some p
  • Can Scottish notes be used in England or not?
    According to a recent study from forexcurrency.us 35% of all Britons believe you can't use Scottish banknotes in England. This is however not the case: in everyday transac

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