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  • Bank of Scotland reveals two versions of 20-pound note
    The Bank of Scotland has unveiled two versions of its new 20-pound note. The regular version has the familiar image of Sir Walter Scott on the front and the red Forth Brid
  • Eastern Caribbean Central Bank issues 50-dollar note
    From the press release by De la Rue : " The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has issued into circulation the $50 polymer banknote, the first of the new family designe
  • Mauritius has issued updated note with 'Illuminate'
    The  Bank of Mauritius  has issued an improved version of its 2,000-rupees note, according to printer De la Rue, on 6 December 2018.  " The note is a reproduction of the c
  • De la Rue to print Swedish banknotes
    The  Sveriges Riksbank  will have its krona banknotes printed by De la Rue for the next three years. De la Rue announced this news on their website with this press release
  • Eastern Caribbean Bank: new polymer banknote family
    The  Eastern Caribbean Central Bank has announced plans for the introduction of a new banknote series of the Eastern Caribbean dollar. This currency is used by the indepen
  • Solomon Islands introduce new 10-dollar note
    Banknote printer  De la Rue reports that a new 10-dollar note has been issued by the Central Bank of the Solomon Islands  on 29 November 2017. This is the 4th note of the
  • Kenya to get new banknote family in Q2 of 2018?
    Do you remember the news from Kenya where the Constitution adopted in 2010 prohibits the use of a person’s portrait on banknotes? The  Central Bank of Kenya has ever since
  • Bangladesh issues updated 100- and 500-taka notes
    The  Central Bank of Bangladesh  has introduced updated versions of their 100- and 500-taka notes, according to an article in the Dhaka Tribune . The new notes look the sa
  • Gibraltar issues commemorative 100-pounds note
    Gibraltar has finally issued its polymer commemorative banknote honouring  Sir Joshua Hassan . The note had been announced for September 2016 but has only now been issued.
  • Kyrgyzstan to issue 3 revised banknotes next year
    The  National Bank of Kyrgyzstan  has announced a revision of its 200-, 500- and 1,000-som banknotes. They are very much like the current series but with some small differ
  • Bahamas introduces new 10-dollar note
    The Central Bank of the Bahamas has introduced a new 10-dollar note. This note is the first of the new CRISP Evolution series. CRISP is an acronym for Counterfeit Resistan
  • Kenya delays new series until September 2017
    The  Central Bank of Kenya  has announced that the new generation of banknotes will be issued from September 2017.  " Kenya must replace all currency with completely new b
  • De la Rue cuts banknote printing capacity
    The biggest banknote printer in the world, De la Rue , has announced it will cut its banknote printing capacity by a quarter, according to this article in the Financial Ti
  • Royal Bank of Scotland chooses Safeguard
    The Royal Bank of Scotland has announced that the new 5- and 10-pound notes will be printed on the polymer substrate Durasafe Safeguard produced by De la Rue. [ Edit : tha
  • Tonga introduces new series
    From a press release on the website of De la Rue:  The National Reserve Bank of Tonga is launching an upgraded family of six banknotes that have been printed by De La Rue.
  • Maldives' new banknotes to be printed on Safeguard
    The  Maldives Monetary Authority  announced a new commemorative banknote early this year . The new note would be issued at the end of July. My prediction was 26 July becau
  • Solomon Islands issue new 100-dollar note
    The  Central Bank of the Solomon Islands  has issued a new banknote of 100 dollar on 10 April 2015 designed by De la Rue . From the press release : " The Central Bank of S
  • Gambia launches new commemorative note
    The Republic of The Gambia will issue a new commemorative 20 dalasi banknote before the end of 2014. From the press release by De la Rue : " In order to commemorate 20 yea
  • Profits warning from De la Rue
    An interesting article on the site of The Economist as to why De la Rue issued a profit warning when it has just been awarded the printing order for the next generation of
  • De la Rue to print the UK's polymer pounds
    As expected the  Bank of England  (BoE) has announced that banknote printer De la Rue is the "preferred bidder" for the new polymer 5 and 10 pound notes, which basically m
  • Interview with De la Rue's Malcolm Knight
    Check out this interview with Malcolm Knight, a  former research and development director and now consultant at  De La Rue . In it he talks about banknotes, design, De la
  • Lebanon issues new polymer commemorative note
    The  Central Bank of Lebanon  has issued a new commemorative note of 50,000 Lebanese pounds according to a press release by the printer, De la Rue : The Banque du Liban is
  • Bank of England signs contract with Innovia
    What was already expected , has now been confirmed : the Bank of England  has signed a contract with polymer producer Innovia to produce the sheets of plastic needed for t
  • Bhutan switches to hybrid notes
    Interesting news from the small kingdom Bhutan: the low denominations of 1 and 10 ngultrum will no longer be printed by De la Rue on paper but by printer Giesecke and Devr
  • Kenya ready to present new banknotes
    According to the Standard Digital News Kenya is ready to present the new banknotes this week which will be issued in February 2015. Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Kimemi
  • New commemorative 1-pound note for Guernsey
    The island of Guernsey has issued a commemorative banknote of 1 pound on 4 July 2013 commemorating the 200th anniversary of Thomas de la Rue's first commercial venture. No
  • De la Rue celebrates 200th birthday
    Hip hip hooray for banknote printer De La Rue . The biggest banknote printer of the world celebrated its 200th birthday yesterday. It was founded by Thomas de la Rue in Gu
  • Interview with the CEO of De la Rue
    An interesting interview with the CEO of banknote printer De la Rue Tim Cobbold.
  • British Pounds going abroad?
    The Bank of England has put out a tender of 1 billion Pound for the printing of all its banknotes. This means that De la Rue could lose its contract but also that for the
  • Disappointing results for De la Rue
    Yesterday I wrote about disappointing results for the parent company of Landqart Paper but they are not the only banknote printer who has worried investors with their resu

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