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  • Bulgaria announces modified 50-lev banknote
    The  Bulgarian National Bank  has announced that a modified 50-lev banknote will be issued from 1 November 2019. The note is part of the new modified series. The overall d
  • Bulgaria introduces first note of new series
    The  Bulgarian National Bank  has announced it will introduce an updated deign of its 100-lev banknote. This banknote is the first of a new series. The basic design of the
  • Bulgaria will replace 2 lev note with a coin in 2015
    Last year I wrote about the news that the Bulgarian National Bank was planning to replace the 2-lev note with a coin. No date was known at that time but according to rumou
  • Bulgaria - Dr. Petar Beron
    Bulgaria - 10,000 lev - 1997 - P112 The back of the note depicts a telescope, an astrolabe and a drawing of Saturn. The front of the note shows Dr. Petar Beron, a Bulgaria
  • Bulgaria to replace 2 levs note with coin
    The Bulgarian National Bank has announced that it will replace the 2 levs note with a coin. The reason for this move is to cut costs. Printing the 2 levs note provides for

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