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  • Zimbabwe to introduce higher denominations?
    The  Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe  could introduce notes with higher denominations in the next few months. This according to an article on Pindula News . The higher denominati
  • Ghana issues two higher denominations
    The  Bank of Ghana  has announced  two new higher denominations of 100- and 200-cedis. The reason for the issuing of these higher denominations is rather simple: inflation
  • Venezuela introduces new banknotes
    The  Central Bank of Venezuela  has finally issued new banknotes with new denominations  in bolívares soberanos to curb the disastrous inflation which is crippling the cou
  • South Sudan to introduce new 500-pound note
    The Bank of South Sudan  (don't bother clicking the link, they still haven't got a proper website) has announced it will introduce a new 500-pound note "soon".  The introd
  • Venezuela issues first three new banknotes
    After some delays the first new banknotes in Venezuela have finally entered circulation . These new notes have been issued by the  Central Bank of Venezuela  in an attempt
  • Venezuela withdraws highest-value banknote
    If a country is constantly making headlines regarding its money, it's usually not a good sign. The Central Bank of Venezuela is preparing for its new higher denominations
  • Venezuela finally announces higher denominations
    There have been numerous rumours ( uno , dos , tres ) that the  Central Bank of Venezuela  would one day issue higher denomination banknotes to deal with its gigantic infl
  • Will Argentina print higher denominations?
    The Argentinian Congress has adopted a proposal for the printing of banknotes of 200, 500 and 1000 peso. Currently the highest denomination in Argentina is the 100 peso. M
  • 90th anniversary of the end of German inflation
    Hurrah! Yesterday marked the 90th anniversary of the end of German inflation.  Here's a nice story on the background of this devestating time in German history. I also hig

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